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Arc Shaped Solar system

August 04, 2021

Did you ever imagine that a rainbow shaped solar PV system can be used for agrivoltaics? What is Agrivoltaics? Agrivoltaics or agrophotovoltaics is co-developing the same area of land for both solar photovoltaic power as well as for agriculture. The coexistence of solar panels and crops implies a sharing of light between the two types of production. This technique was originally conceived by Adolf Goetz Berger and Armin Zastrow in 1981.

Agrovoltaics are more efficient than a normal rooftop PV system. Plants help in keeping the solar panels cool which makes them more productive. Solar Farms have been increasingly common across the globe due to its never ending benefits. However households can’t have this luxury of owning a solar farm and so it’s ideal to optimize the resources that one has by installing solar on their roof. Solar Miner has been a preferred and trustworthy Solar Journey Partner to households and small businesses. You may choose to get in touch with us to learn as to how solar can be beneficial to you.

What is the future of solar photovoltaic?

With the goal to achieve Green Energy goals every country is making huge investments in renewable energy and most importantly solar energy. Researchers are working on developing better and more efficient solar technology each day. Recently, Goldbeck Solar in Germany has developed an arc-shaped PV system for agrovoltaics projects. According to the researchers it is one of the finest innovations in the field of agrivoltaics as it requires less materials, is flexible, cost effective and has several other economic benefits; multiplying the use of land. MarcS will improve the way we build solar plants in the future, building them faster, easier, more economical, multiplying land use and allowing a better use of resources! The company will test the new technology (Arc-shaped solar panels) in a 45 MW PV project. 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

While all these technologies are developed to help the large scale projects you too can join the race by installing your solar rooftop today. With solar the future is bright and using solar can drastically reduce the impact we have on the environment. A unit saved is more than a unit generated. Generate your own electricity and slash your power bills. Speak to our experts and get your savings guide. 

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