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Solar Panel System

Start storing your excess solar power and reducing your electricity bills further.

“Solar Miner is a leading provider of energy storage technologies across the nation, specifically in Victoria. We strive to provide the most cost-effective and appropriate solar storage solutions for the households and commercials energy needs.”

AC- Coupling

AC coupling battery Easy to connect to your solar system and convert power.

Modular Design

Easy to operate systems with Remote diagnostics provide a quick solution to any issues.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance solar battery with high performance and affordable prices.

24/7 Monitoring

A user-friendly interface allows for 24-hour monitoring to track real time data and performance.

Why install solar system with Solar Miner?

We will claim the rebate on your behalf and offer you the upfront cost of installing a solar system after rebate. Installing a solar system can help a typical household save up to $1073 a year.*

CEC Approved Retailer

We have signed the code and have committed to providing a higher standard of quality and services, raising the bar in the solar industry.

Highest Reviewed Award Winner

Customer satisfaction is a priority. Top quality service guaranteed.

Customized Solar Solutions

Solar solutions that make sense, customized for your property.

Hassle free rebate application process

Start to End Hassle Free process with quality installation.

CEC Accredited Installers

Quality solar installation with CEC accredited installers.

Exceptional Customer Support

Prompt and Hassle-free customer service 24/7.

CEC approved PV modules can save you up to $1073* per year on energy bills

  • Tier 1 solar panels with 25 year performance warranty
  • 10 year inverter warranty
  • 5 year of workmanship warranty

Get in touch with our Solar Panel Expert.

Get Expert Advice 1300 285 885


Renesola is among the top providers of solar panels to Australia and one of the major sources of solar panels worldwide. The company manufactures its own line of microinverters in addition to a variety of reasonably priced “quasi-monocrystalline,” monocrystalline, and polycrystalline solar panels.


Known for its inexpensive and effective solar panels, Trina Solar is regarded as one of the top value producers. This credibility has been strengthened by recent improvements in customer service and significant developments in solar cell technology, which have led to better power ratings due to enhanced efficiency.


Through solar panels to module deployment, HT-SAAE is a producer that controls quality at every stage of the production process. HT-SAEE offers premium quality solar panels and also has a range of inverters added to the list.


Jinko Solar Panels efficiently balances budget with a reliable and well-known brand. The inexpensive Cheetah Series and the high-end Tiger Series from Jinko both offer panels with strong warranties and industry-leading technologies.

Every Review Has A Story, A Story of An Experience - Delivered

I had an issue connecting to the Solax app after an app updated and Malcom assisted me with setting this up. He even contacted the Solax team to have this issued resolved. Fantastic work by Malcom. The Solar Miner support team has always provided amazing after sales support.Thanks again Malcom, great work
Solar miner service is very good.i m happy with solar miner. They installed pannel at my home.they are very friendly
In addition to the long waiting time before installation, the installation process and after-sales service were also quite satisfactory. After installation, the system ran normally, and during the peak period of 6.6kw, it could generate more than 30 kWh of electricity per day. Only once did the WIFI of the inverter disconnect, and after resetting, it was normal.
Had an issue with battery and Brett helped out and solved the issue with in few days.Thanks
The customer service was outstanding, and the product was exactly what I was looking for. “I was so pleased with the service I received from MALCOM ,They went above and beyond to help me find the perfect solar system.” “I was very impressed with the quality of the product I received."
The service and installation from Solar Miner was sensational. Ray was so personalised in his attention to our solar generation needs.Even a year later the company representative, Brett, called to follow up if there were any issues to be resolved. Great service.
Thanks to Malcolm for the way you handled my problem with the i solar ap. I had previously had less than satisfactory experiences with solar miner service but you went into action effectively and very quickly and my issue was solved with a call back from you within 10 minutes.
Great service, they make the process very simple while keeping you informed every step of the way. Would highly recommend
Recommended by a friend. Great company to deal with. Joy (Sales) made it very easy for us to understand and go through the process and he kept us informed every step of the way. No issues with them at all! Quick installation. Seamless process from start to finish. I highly recommend them!
We needed modification ro our inverter settings, Malcolm liaised with the supplier to quickly and easily handle this request, and followed up to make sure we were happy
I had a great experience with Malcolm when I needed help with battery issue. He was really helpful and fixed the problem fast. Plus, he made sure I engaged with the installer and follow up so quick. Everything was resolved on the same day. Highly recommend!
Brett is wonderful. He has great knowledge and customer service skills. Had a minor issue with inverter today, Brett resolved it within an hour. I am having a fantastic experience with this business from the start. Thanks Brett. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Malcolm helped me reset my system within 5 minutes over the phone, very helpful.Great service from Malcolm and Solar Miner
Updates : I had solar from solar miner about 2.5 year back and very much impressed by their after sales service, it was excellent even after 2.5 year of purchase. To my recent issue with solar , the promptly arranged the qualified technician who was able to fix issue swiftly. I really admire the their enitre team for service , prompt attention and excellent turn around time. Especially thanks to their excutive 'Malcomm' Who was ready to listen the my issues carefully , exchanged quick emails to diagnose the issue and arranged the technician asap.----I had purchased the Solar system with solar miner about 3 months back. I must say SOLAR miner had given exceptional service and were very proactive to my any queries. Luke and Bob (Bharat) both are excellent profession and conveyed all the details very clearly and after sale service has been very very good (3 months) now. The installation quote was also very accurate . I highly recommend their service.
Brett is very good customer service. Recently had some issue with the inverter mainswitch, whenever I contacted him, he answered me straight away and helped me to solve the issue. I am very appreciate for that.
Yash and Malcolm did an amazing job to get the solar system installed. Highly recommended.
I bought grow watt inverter and jinko panels. Happy with the system. Very efficient service.
Thanks so much to Brett for your help with our inverter issue after the recent power outages. Very helpful, responsive and knowledgeable, engaged manufacturer on our behalf and helped resolve the issue quickly. Thanks Brett !!
I had an APP issue and Malcolm contacted me. He was professional and efficient in helping to resolve the issue. He emailed and rang me a few times during the resolution process. Great service, Malcolm
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Frequently Asked Questions

Would my existing house count as a home under construction if I'm renovating it?

If you are renovating an existing home, you are not eligible for a Solar Homes rebate because it is an existing property, but you can apply for another rebate as an existing property if the criteria are met.

What rebates are available for newly built homes?

Solar PV rebates and interest free loans are available for homeowners who are building a new home.

Once the installation is completed, can I feed the excess power to the grid?

You can start selling the excess power to the grid, once the grid connection is completed. However, it all further depends on your energy retailer.

How much would installing solar PV cut my energy costs?

Solar modules are practically worthwhile. A solar-powered home in Victoria can significantly lower your electricity costs and save you up to $1073* annually. However, the figures are subject to change depending on the property location and specifications.

Does the Solar Homes programme have a maximum or minimum size for solar PV systems?

No, according to a predetermined rebate amount, the Victorian Government will offer a discount on the cost of solar panels (PV) systems. To make sure the size of your system complies with any additional limitations that might be in place, you should speak with your solar retailer. Get in touch with our friendly team at Solar Miner to learn more.

How do I select a solar PV system that will last?

All the solar PV systems mentioned as Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved products adhere to Australian Standards and have received the Clean Energy Council’s seal of approval. Solar products must be on the approved list in order to qualify for a rebate.

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