Solar Battery

Start storing your excess solar power and reducing your electricity bills further.

“Solar Miner is a leading provider of energy storage technologies across the nation, specifically in Victoria. We strive to provide the most cost-effective and appropriate solar storage solutions for the households and commercials energy needs.”

AC- Coupling

AC coupling battery Easy to connect to your solar system and convert power.

Modular Design

Easy to operate systems with Remote diagnostics provide a quick solution to any issues.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance solar battery with high performance and affordable prices.

24/7 Monitoring

A user-friendly interface allows for 24-hour monitoring to track real time data and performance.

Why install solar battery with Solar Miner?

Solar Miner is one of the Renowned and Preferred Solar Retailer for Homeowners in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. We are committed to raising the bar in the solar industry.

Competitive Pricing

Affordable Pricing with Best Value for Investment

Highest Reviewed Award Winner

Customer satisfaction is a priority. Top quality service guaranteed.

Customized Solar Solutions

Solar solutions that make sense, customized for your property.

5 years warranty

Quality solar battery with 5 years warranty

CEC accredited installers

Quality solar installation with CEC accredited installers.

Exceptional Customer Support

Prompt and Hassle-free customer service 24/7

Save up to $3500 on your solar battery installation

  • Get Blackout Protection
  • Independence Power Everything
  • Improves overall savings by Sonnen System

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Every Review Has A Story, A Story of An Experience - Delivered

Khalid Jameel

Thank you Joy (Solar Miner) for your great service and follow up for every stage until solar installation completed and even after that you contacted and assist me with my basic technical queries and your technical team. Also the people who came to install panels were so friendly and hard working ????

Although it was a first time experience and I was bit worried but it all went well and I would definitely recommend Solar Miner in my family and friends.

Colin Mortley

Extremely impressed with the service that I received from Solar Miner. The whole process from quoting (ref 222605), to ordering and installing was done quickly and efficiently. Even the paperwork and co-ordination with Solar Victoria and the final electrical inspection was way beyond my expectations. From start to generating my own power took 15 business days. At all times I was kept informed of the progress of my order, even down to the delivery driver calling in 1 day in advance to confirm the date & time and then 15 minutes before delivery. He unloaded everything taking care and placing the panels where I requested. Even the installation crew cleaned up after themselves and were very quick. I would like to make special mention of Harrison Miller who prepared my quotation and answered all my questions promptly and was very courteous at all times. Very impressed and happy with the final product.

Mustafa Caksak

I am very happy, Solar Miner company really done our solar project professionally. Special thanks to Katherine, she always followed our 13.3 kw system, and we had an excellent solar energy system by giving a very good price. Also, the team that installed the panels they worked very well.

Vineet Jindal

Solar miner was very easy to deal with. Alan provided me with a detailed quote & answered all my queries promptly. Turnaround time for installation was quick (with in 2 weeks). Installers were professional, did a good job, cleaned up after themselves & helped me with connecting system to the internet & app. Best value in the market.

Liam Ash (Mizu)

Malcom was quick to respond when I reported an issue with my solar panels, and proved both friendly and helpful in his attempts to solve it. The issue turned out to be a misunderstanding on my end – a graphic on the phone app used for monitoring gave me a false impression – and everything is working fine with my solar panels, happily.


Great installation and great after sales service. Xavier helped me in the wifi configuration and monitoring on phone app.It was quick and easy and great customer support service. This is a great team of people working together….Cheers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do solar batteries function?

Solar batteries come into picture when the sun is not shining. The excess power generated by your solar PV system which is not used in the household or property that has solar installed on the roof, is stored in the batteries, to use at night. Any extra power that is still left over after the demand is fulfilled is sent to the grid for which you get credits in the quarterly bills.

Can I install a solar battery myself?

No, you cannot install a solar battery by yourself. You need to get in touch with certified electricians and solar retailers to get the solar batteries installed at your property. Speak to our team at Solar Miner to learn about your solar battery installation.

What size solar battery do I need?

What size and what brand solar battery you need depends on your property needs. The most common size solar battery installed across Australia is 5kWh. However, this is subject to change based on property’s energy consumption patterns. Solar Miner can help you learn more about your solar battery needs.

How much do solar batteries cost?

The cost of the solar battery varies with the battery size and the brand of battery installed. Approximately a 5kWh solar battery costs around $5000-$6500. The price may decrease or increase based on the brand and size. Solar Miner can help you analyse your bills and offer the best battery solution for your property needs.

What rebates are available on solar batteries in Victoria?

Solar Victoria is supporting eligible Victorian households to install a solar battery, by providing a point of sale discount up to a maximum of $3,500. However, there are some basic criteria that might need consideration for the eligibility of the same. Check your Victoria solar battery rebate eligibility.

Is it worth getting a solar battery?

Yes, it is worth installing a battery. A solar battery helps you save more money and make the proper use of the power generated by your solar panels in the night and day both. By using the stored excess energy from the battery you can safeguard yourself from rising power costs.

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