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July 09, 2021

Ryan: Operational costs of my business are becoming a financial challenge for me. Specifically in these hard times of uncertainty, I am clueless. I mean, look at my power bills for instance, the other day I was comparing my bills on a year on year basis and they’ve just skyrocketed. I just went solar last month, but I don’t know how much that’s going to contribute to my efforts of cutting down my expenses.

Matt: Mate, installing solar panels is probably not a good decision that I’ve made last year. I have them on my roof, sure there are savings but not significant ones.

Duke: Listen up guys. My business and home both have solar panels on the roof and I am saving hundreds of dollars every year. Probably, you guys should consider reading solar miner’s blog on “Are YOU on “best offer power bill”??

Saving extra dollars is possible..!!

Are you a Victoria resident? Do you think you are paying the right amount of electricity bill? Or is it higher? The report from the Essential Services Commission shows about two million Victorian customers could be paying more than they should because they’re not on the ‘best offer’ from their retailer. In March this year alone, 850,000 Victorians who received electricity bills were not on the best deal.

“Your retailer is required to put a ‘best offer’ message on your bills at least three times a year to tell you if you could save money by switching to a different contract,” Sarah Sheppard said. If you are not on the ‘best offer’, now is the time to stop hesitating and claim your rights, pick up the phone and speak to your energy retailer about saving money through the best offer. 

Victorians can save more by installing solar

With the recent reduction of $450 in Victorian solar panel rebates, households are still eligible to receive a $1400 rebate on solar panel installation. Additionally, interest free loans can be applied up to an amount of $1400. Meaning, if your total system cost is 3000 less 2800, there will be a $200 upfront cost. 

As an individual you should consider getting best deals not only from solar retailers but from electricity retailers too. You can certainly negotiate feed in tariff and evaluate your electricity plans accordingly. 

Solar is still worth it..!!

If you are in Victoria and thinking if installing solar is still going to save you money or not? Then the answer to your question is YES. Installing solar in Victoria is always going to be worth it because the average cost of electricity in Victoria is less and each day generation is more. Get the complete guide to saving. Speak to one of your solar specialists today to get all your queries answered. Slash your electricity bills now and join the green revolution. 

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