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Free Solar Powered EV Charging at South Melbourne Market

January 19, 2021

New Solar-Powered EV Chargers Installed at the South Melbourne Market

Consistent with the City of Port Philip’s drive toward sustainability, two new free electric vehicle charging stations will soon be available for use at the South Melbourne Market rooftop carpark.

These conveniently located public EV chargers are partly powered by solar panels. They will provide residents and visitors a convenient facility to recharge their cars in Port Phillip, especially since these EV chargers are compatible with all electric vehicles and models.

City investments in solar energy

Port Phillip has invested $150,000 in the installation of the charging stations.

The market originally hosted a 32kW array. However, in 2019, a new 200kW system comprising 612 solar panels was installed. Together, the two systems produce about 263,000kWh of clean electricity per annum. According to the council, the combined system saves the city more than $60,000 annually in electrical costs.

The mayor of Port Phillip, Louise Crawford, has said that more people are now opting to drive electric vehicles. Thus, the city needs to provide the necessary infrastructure to support an obviously beneficial and environment-friendly choice.

Mayor Crawford also said that providing more EV charging stations and increasing their visibility are crucial first steps to encourage people to embrace the new technology.

Moving toward lower carbon emissions

According to government data, the transport sector accounts for 16.25 per cent of city’s carbon emissions. The increasing adoption of electric vehicles powered by clean energy is expected to reduce emissions significantly.

Based on Infrastructure Australia’s ‘National electric vehicle fast-charging network’ Enabling Infrastructure High Priority Initiative, by 2040, electric vehicles will account for at least 70% of new vehicle sales and about 30% of the vehicle fleet in the country.

In anticipation of future EV charger requirements, the city council is already collaborating with electricity providers and partners on the installation of additional EV charging stations on government-owned land.

Aside from the South Melbourne Market EV charging stations, there are other electric vehicle chargers (paid and free) available in the City of Port Phillip.

You can find information on other EV charging stations in the city and the rest of Australia on the EV charger map published by the Electric Vehicle Council.

If you have questions about EV chargers, solar energy or solar panels in Melbourne, please contact Solar Miner.


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