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Home solar power system Australia 2022

January 13, 2022

Home solar power systems are quite affordable in Australia. And most of us are aware that that is mainly due to the subsidies provided by the Australian government. The subsidies are provided in the form of small scale technology certificates (STCs). This initiative by the government makes it easy for the Australians to install a rooftop solar system with less prices. However, STCs reduce every year and solar prices still decrease further due to the competition in the solar industry. This year the scenario is different, STCs have reduced but the solar prices haven’t. We are sure most of us want to know how much will the solar price be now and how much have the STCs reduced? Read on to learn more.

How much the STCs have reduced and what is the current solar price?

The STCs have reduced by 10% this year and let us state the amount of dollars that have reduced based on the state. 

  • In Victoria the rebates have reduced by $300
  • In Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide the rebates have reduced by $350
  • In Darwin the rebates have reduced by $390
  • In Alice Springs the rebates have reduced by $420

Now what about the solar prices? Sure the solar prices were predicted to surge in 2022 affected by several factors, including high manufacturing prices, high shipping prices, reducing rebates and the list goes on.  However, it is always worth it to install solar power systems in Australia. You may ask how and why? Australia is fortunately blessed with an abundance of renewable energy sources. If you’re a homeowner in Melbourne or surrounding areas of Victoria considering having solar panels installed, you need to feel confident that they will generate a reliable supply of electricity for your home all year round. If you reside in Melbourne or in Ballart, Geelong, Bendigo, Mildura, Warrnambol and Wangaratta we can help you get a solar power system for your property and install high quality products that produce a generous amount of energy to meet your energy needs. The good news is the Victorian government rebate is still available up to the same amount $1400. Claim your Victoria government solar rebate now! Speak to one of the solar miner consultants to learn more about your financial incentives associated with solar panel installation. 

Solar Miner is CEC accredited solar retailer

When selecting a solar company to buy a solar power system for your property, make sure to select a CEC approved solar retailer like Solar Miner. If CEC has approved a solar retailer it means the company has undergone various legal procedures and is committed to solving the customer complaints and providing high quality services and products.

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