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How to Keep a Solar Energy System Working When the Power Goes Out

August 26, 2020

Solar panel companies receive many queries from residents and business owners. Some ask if there is enough sun in Melbourne to make a solar system worth the investment. Some wonder if there are any incentives to help cover the cost. The short answer to both of these questions is yes.

Another popular question involves how to manage solar panels during a power outage. While it is true that most solar panel systems are not designed to work during a blackout, there are options to keep the juice flowing when the grid is down.

Backup Plans

There are several ways to back up a grid-tied solar system, whether you are using it in a residential or commercial building.

1. Replacing the Inverter

Using a solar inverter is a great way to ensure you have power when the grid is down. When the power goes out, home or business owners simply flip a switch on the junction box that is wired to the inverter. Inverters go through a series of safety checks to ensure there is adequate voltage coming from the panels before directing power from the panels to an outlet in the junction box. Appliances and other electrical necessities are plugged into the outlet and will run on solar power until the grid is back up. 

It is important to note this option is not designed to run an entire home or business during power failures. Reach out to our certified solar technicians to decide if this option is right for you. 

2. Solar Battery Backup

This is by far the most expensive option for maintaining solar power when the grid is down. Whilst there are federal tax credits available for these systems, adding a hybrid inverter and batteries can add $15,000 to $20,000 to the price of a solar system. And that only guarantees power for roughly two days for the average residential home. Our solar experts can discuss whether solar battery backup is right for your needs. Contact us today to learn more. 

3. Going Off the Grid

A hybrid home solar system is another alternative. It requires special equipment to keep backup batteries charged and additional wiring to keep it operational during a blackout. But hybrid solar systems can provide power for several days during a blackout. These systems are complicated but worth the extra effort if the ability to survive during a power outage using solar power is important to you. 

Are solar panels right for your Melbourne home or business? Use this solar calculator to help decide. Then reach out to the solar experts at Solar Miner to schedule a consultation.

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