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Quality Solar Installation with Solar Miner

October 06, 2021

On September 16 2021, the clean energy regulator held a session titled “Update on the Integrity Review of the Rooftop Solar PV Sector.” It sketched new changes that might start from next year, aimed at throwing crap solar installers out of the industry. A 63 page report was released that concluded there would be transfer of power from the clean energy council to clean energy regulator. This would assign CER full authority to regulate which solar component manufacturers, retailers and installers are suitable to participate in the federal small scale renewable energy scheme. Over the years there have been various crap solar stories in the market, which makes it necessary for you to get thorough research done and ensure that you choose your provider wisely while considering switching to renewables. However, solar installation in Victoria is hassle free and economically and environmentally beneficial.

Solar Miner believes every roof needs to be treated differently and with utmost care. Quality solar installation is the key to sustainable renewable energy. You might be concerned about which solar retailer to choose? The simple answer is CEC accredited solar installer. Let’s get into some details. Solar Victoria regulates the solar standards in Victoria. It also grants rebates and interest free loans on installing solar rooftops at your property. Getting a quote for solar and installing solar at your property is not tough, but selecting a retailer that does quality solar installation can be difficult.

Quality and standard installation is directly proportional to skilled and experienced installers. The two most common types of roof in Victoria are Tin and tile. We at Solar Miner are experienced at installing panels over both types of roof. Let’s take a look at some clean and tidy installation pictures which should be #solarinstallationgoals.

Why should I hire an experienced installer?

It may seem quite easy through the pictures to install solar. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems. Every roof comes with its own technicalities. There may be a hot water system installed on some roof, other roofs may have splits on it and the biggest problem can be not having enough space on the roof. Moreover, you may get high quality solar products for your property but if they aren’t installed well, they won’t perform well. Remember, a badly installed system would cost you forever and will call for double the expense you just tried to save on your solar quote. Solar Miner offers a premium high efficiency solar panel system with Tier -1 solar panels and smart inverter. Speak to one of our technical experts today to get quality installation and products at the most affordable prices.

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