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Solar panels Melbourne 2022 – Best Deal from Award winning Solar Miner

December 17, 2021

Why choose Solar Miner?

Looking around for a solar system for your property? You might come across various solar companies, solar products and quotes. However, with the magnitude of companies in the Australian solar market it can be difficult to select one that provides value for money. The more companies you have looked around, the more confusing it gets for you. The only question that can solve the confusion is why should I go ahead with this company? Let us be the first to answer this. Why should you choose Solar Miner?                            

  • The awards and achievements say it all
  • The products and services are the best in solar industry
  • Solar Miner is CEC accredited solar retailer
  • The performance of the company matters

A satisfied customer is the best strategy of all. After all, what’s a business without its customers? We at Solar Miner believe that good business is rooted in investing in stronger relationships with customers. If we achieve that, it equates to success in our book. We aim to put all our effort into maintaining quality service for our customers and we are exceedingly pleased to find customers who can always appreciate us in the form of reviews and ratings. Recently, product review awarded us as the most reliable and trusted solar provider with highest 5 star reviews from satisfied and happy customers. 

Solar Miner received word of mouth service award for two consecutive years 2017 & 2018. Feel free to ask your solar retailer about their awards and achievements as that shall highlight the kind of service they deliver.

Products and services Solar Miner offers

Solar Miner offers a range of solar panels and solar inverters. We choose the most reliable solar brands for our customers as customer satisfaction is our ultimate aim.  Our quality objectives are to supply and install high quality solar power systems with the best solar panel, inverter and mounting system on time, and at an affordable price. If you are finding it hard to select the right quality products for your property based on your budget, speak to one of our experienced consultants to seek out a better understanding of your property requirements and specifications.

Solar Miner is CEC accredited solar retailer

When selecting a solar company to buy a solar power system for your property, make sure to select a CEC approved solar retailer like Solar Miner. If CEC has approved a solar retailer it means the company has undergone various legal procedures and is committed to solving the customer complaints and providing high quality services and products.

The performance of the company matters

If the company is growing year on year and is committed to expand further, it means it shall stay in the market. Ask your solar retailer since when they are in the market? Head to their website to find out what places they serve. Do they serve across the nation or just in your region or state? A nationwide company shall be able to provide you the support for the life span of your solar system as they shall stay in the market for long. Solar Miner has grown almost 6 times since 2019. In 2019 we installed 6650 solar panels and by the end of 2021 we will have installed 40,000 solar panels across the nation. Speak to one of our solar experts to learn more about our products and services.

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