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South Australia’s Solar Triumph: A Paradigm Shift in Renewable Energy

September 29, 2023

In an era when climate change and sustainable energy sources dominate global discussions, South Australia has emerged as a beacon of hope and progress. The latest milestone in Australia’s rapidly evolving electricity grid demonstrates that solar energy is not just a viable option; it’s a powerhouse capable of revolutionizing how we generate and consume electricity. Let’s talk about the recent achievements in South Australia and what they mean for the future of solar energy.

A Remarkable Milestone

The milestone that recently took place in South Australia is nothing short of remarkable. On a sunny afternoon, rooftop solar systems met an astonishing 101% of the state’s native or underlying electricity demand. This achievement is a testament to the incredible potential of solar energy.

But what’s even more impressive is that this isn’t an isolated incident. South Australia has been consistently pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with renewable energy. Rooftop solar first surpassed the 50% threshold in September 2018, demonstrating a steady upward trajectory. This achievement signifies not only the capacity of solar energy but also the adaptability and resilience of South Australia’s power grid.

The End of Baseload

One of the significant implications of this milestone is the shift it highlights in the way grids are now managed. Baseload power generation, once considered the backbone of our energy systems, is becoming obsolete. Variable renewables like wind and solar are proving that they can not only meet but also exceed the demand, rendering the concept of baseload power generation largely redundant.

South Australia’s transformation serves as a model for the world. The state closed its last coal generator in 2016, and the remaining gas plants no longer operate in “baseload” mode. Instead, the focus has shifted to renewables and “firming” technologies that ensure a stable and reliable power supply.

The Role of Storage and Flexibility

One of the challenges posed by rooftop solar is that it leaves grid operators with limited control. However, South Australia has taken proactive steps to address this issue. The introduction of synchronous condensers and the rapid growth of battery storage are instrumental in making the grid more secure.

While two gas units are currently running at low capacity to maintain grid security, plans are underway to eliminate this need with a new link to New South Wales in the coming years. The real challenge then becomes creating new demand during the daytime to absorb the surplus solar energy. Solutions include energy storage, the growth of new industrial demand, shifting hot water services, and green hydrogen production.

South Australia is on the verge of announcing tenders for hydrogen electrolysis and a hydrogen power station in Whyalla. These developments could become pivotal in “soaking up” excess solar energy during the day, providing a much-needed solution for the intermittent nature of renewables.

A Global Benchmark

What South Australia has achieved is nothing short of exceptional on both a national and global scale. It sets a benchmark for large regional networks, showcasing what is possible within the Australian National Electricity Market (NEM) and on the global stage.

The rapid growth of rooftop solar in South Australia serves as a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of renewables. It proves that a clean energy future is not just a vision; it’s an achievable reality.

Impacts Beyond South Australia

While South Australia is leading the way, other regions in Australia are also adopting renewable energy. Western Australia, which is not connected to other grids and cannot export excess capacity, has commissioned giant batteries to absorb daytime solar energy and shift it to the evening peak. This approach ensures a stable energy supply and sets the stage for further industrial electrification, including green hydrogen production.

In Victoria, a combination of blue skies and mild weather pushed operational demand to a new low, showcasing the growing influence of rooftop solar in the state’s energy mix. These records set the stage for a future where coal-fired generators become increasingly obsolete.


The achievements in South Australia are a testament to human ingenuity and the limitless potential of solar energy. They remind us that with determination, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability, we can create a brighter and cleaner future for generations to come. Join the green revolution with Solar Miner , one of the most preferred solar retailers in Victoria. Get in touch with our expert team at 1300285885 to learn more about our latest solar panels + smart wifi inverter + solar battery, all in one solar bundle deal.

Source of information: https://reneweconomy.com.au/rooftop-solar-meets-all-of-south-australia-demand-in-major-new-milestone/

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