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100kW solar system

November 26, 2021

100kW solar systems are among the most approved commercial solar system sizes in Australia, as this size is the break off point for incentives through the federal government. If your business is spending around $7,000 to $15,000 per month you may be suitable for a 100kW installation. Today solar experts consider a number of variables when designing the optimum system size to achieve the best ROI (Return on Investment). To find out what is the optimum system size for your business, get in touch with us today.

Cost of 100kw solar system

The cost of installing a solar system has fallen significantly in years due to a number of factors, including Australian government incentives for renewable energy and growing competition in the solar industry. With the rising commercial electricity prices, solar systems in the 100kW save a lot of money and reduce the variable costs of the business. However, the rebates are set to reduce in the coming year and the prices are going to hike due to the energy crisis and shortage of products across the globe. 


The amount of money you can save through government rebates are based on your location. The Renewable Energy Council (REC) split the country into four zones based on the levels of solar irradiation in those areas. Those zones are each offered different levels of subsidies for the purchase of solar products.

The level of subsidy you receive is also dependent on which rebate you are eligible for. There are two distinct types of rebate. Speak to our team to learn more about your rebate options. 

How much energy will a 100kw solar system generate?

The energy a solar system is capable of generating depends on several factors like the angle on which the panels are installed, the sunlight in that area, the presence of shading if any and the quality of components used. The output also varies with the changes in the climate and weather. A 100kW solar system in Brisbane will generate more solar energy than the same system would in Hobart. A 100kW system with a high quality inverter and panels will produce more electricity than a 100kW system with lower quality solar systems in the same location.

Solar Feed in Tariffs

Commercial-scale solar systems are designed and installed to offset power bills as most commercial power usage is during daylight hours. The feed-in-tariff can work like  the cherry on top to deliver benefits of solar power fed back to the grid. 

How to improve return on investment on 100kw?

There are many ways to improve the ROI of your system. Ensuring your system is appropriately sized for your energy usage is the most important step. After this, you can boost the efficiency of your solar system by choosing high quality components.

Solar Inverters

Solar inverters are the part of your system that converts the energy you receive from the sun into usable A/C electricity for your home or business. The better your inverter, the higher the efficiency of this conversion. It’s always best to get a high quality inverter with a reliable warranty. We offer the latest technology smart inverters. Get in touch with our team to get the quote. 

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