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Victorian government rebate available up to $1,400

November 19, 2021

Victorians currently benefit from one of Australia’s most generous government solar financial incentives (Rebates). Solar Victoria is providing a rebate of up to $1,400 for solar panel (PV) system installation, for homeowners and rental properties. However, there are eligibility criteria for the same. Check your eligibility here. With the magnitude of solar companies in the market, it is difficult to select the right solar retailer. The rule of thumb is always choose a CEC accredited solar retailer while purchasing a solar panel system in Victoria. 

Interest free loans

You may qualify for Victorian government rebate but It may still feel like buying a solar panel system is costly after the government rebate or you may not have enough money to invest in solar currently. However, you can even receive an interest free loan from the government for the amount equivalent to the rebate amount. Currently, the interest free loan can be applied to the amount of $1400, this means your total system cost will be less by $2800, so there will be very little upfront cost. The loan amount needs to be paid in the span of 4 years which can be paid from the savings received on quarterly bills.  Solar Miner offers quality solar systems with up to 25 years warranty. Claim your Victorian government rebate with interest free loan option now! 

How to apply for a solar rebate in Victoria?

The first step to applying for solar rebates in Victoria is to get a quote from an Authorised solar retailer. If you succeed at selecting the right and professional solar retailer for your property you have got your peace of mind. They shall provide you with a written quote along with all the details, make a pre approval application with your energy provider, set up your entire documentation for the rebate process and arrange your installation at your convenience. 

Is it worth getting a solar system in Victoria?

Solar always sounds expensive however, it is the most fruitful investment you can make right now. The savings you make on the electricity bills can cover the cost of the system within a couple of years. The current rebates and other incentives are set to reduce with time. Claim your Victoria government solar rebate now! Speak to one of the solar miner consultants to learn more about your financial incentives associated with solar panel installation. 

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