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Customized solar solutions – From sunlight to electricity

November 05, 2021

Over the past decade the solar industry in Australia has transformed from a small collection of highly specialized companies to a booming industry where dedicated teams are required to manage the customers and their issues. Rapid growth in the solar industry has resulted in faster sales times and a downfall in custom designed systems in favor of generic “one-size fits all” systems that can be quickly installed.

We at Solar Miner assess your energy bills and offer you just the right size of solar system suited for your property. The solar industry is also changing rapidly as State and Federal governments consistently alter their solar policy and rebates. In order to get the most of the system the customers must understand the market and keep up to date with changing legislation.  A technically proficient sales team should be able to effectively communicate up to date information to you, design and install a quality solar system at your property. 

What does a professional sales expert do?

A professional and experienced sales expert should be able to guide you through the entire process from design to installation. They will certainly save you time and money by providing the correct information of the installation and products. Moreover, they shall be able to discuss with you the comparative offers. We at Solar Miner offer CEC approved Tier-1 solar products and installation through CEC accredited and licensed installers. Speak to one of our experts to learn more about your products and offers.

Learn about the warranties of the products offered

If you are looking for any kind of reassurance or have any questions or concerns related to your products ask your sales expert frankly. Discuss about the warranties and materials  used in the products supplied to you. Do your research and select the products that suit your budget and requirements.  

Check the solar retailer’s online reviews

A professional and experienced solar retailer will be able to form a relationship with the customer over the life of their system and offer a high quality maintenance and product replacement that shall improve customer satisfaction. Online reviews play a great role in the solar industry. Consider reaching out to the company’s Facebook and Instagram page and google and product reviews. This gives you insights about the quality of service the company provides.

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