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A Glimpse on the Process of Going Solar in a Nutshell

December 30, 2022

Is solar installation on your mind this Christmas or New Year? Getting a rooftop solar system installed might seem easy but the process can get really overwhelming at times. Especially, when you are keeping really busy and are not aware of the steps involved in signing the right solar deal and once signed, what’s next? We have listed down 5 steps below that might ease your solar journey:

1. Research is the key!

“Research is the key” we say this over and over and we will start with this again. Solar PV system is an investment and any investment needs some basic research in order to make it fruitful. Read about the products offered to you, are considering to install or your friends or neighbors have installed. We know it sounds a lot to do, however, it’s easy with Solar Miner. Discuss your property requirements, electricity bills and right products and system size with our experts and get the best solar deal. So what happens once you have paid the deposit and secured the solar PV system for your property?

2. Approval Application

Once your solar system deal is finalized, your solar retailer makes an application to your energy retailer to take the approval for the solar installation, if need be. Suppose, you are getting a 6.6kW solar system in Melbourne, your solar company shall make the application for 5kW to your electricity retailer as the application is based on the inverter capacity, don’t worry you’ll be installing 6.6kW of Solar Panels with that. Most of the times the applications get approved easily, however, there are some properties that might get lesser export limits for several reasons. Considering your application is approved the next step would be other documentations and installation scheduling

3. Documentations & Installation Scheduling

Solar Victoria is offering eligible homeowners a solar rebate of up to $1400 and an interest free loan for the same amount. Since a few years now, claiming solar rebates in Victoria has become hassle free. Your solar company checks your eligibility for the solar Vic rebate and claims it on your behalf, however, that requires you to check the documentations of the same and sign it. 

Once the documentation part is done, your solar company schedules your solar installation, bringing the solar installer and you on the same page for the same date and ensuring everything is available on the day of the installation. 

The installers shall arrive at your property on the date agreed upon. A CEC accredited installer makes sure to study the roof first before getting anything started. The team studies the tentative layout offered to you and the roof aspects and offers you the right solar installation solution. Once everything is confirmed, the installation process starts, it usually takes 6-7 hours to complete the solar installation. However, there are certain properties that might be a little tricky and require 2-3 days to complete the installation. Once the installation is completed, the installer explains to you the working of the solar PV system hooked at your property. This is not where it all ends. Keep reading to know how and when you’ll start saving. After all that’s what you got the solar modules for.

4. Grid Connection

After completion of your solar system Installation, One of the CEC Authorized solar inspectors would be visiting your property to check the installation quality, if installation has been done as per Guideline, Inspector would Issue Certificate of compliance. 

Upon receiving a compliance copy, solar retailers would apply for the Grid connection process with your Power Distributor and retailer.  After the inspection, your grid connection gets approved, meaning now you can feed in the extra power generated by your solar PV system to the grid.  Any extra power which is not utilized in the home, gets fed into the grid and you shall receive the credits for the same in your quarterly bills. 

5. Maintenance & payments

Solar PV systems are usually low maintenance investments that yield fruitful results for the lifespan of solar. However, it is advised to get your system checked by a CEC accredited electrician once in 5 years to ensure it is functioning well. 

The payment procedures for Solar PV systems vary from property to property and person to person. Some of us might go for finance options or might consider the cash price. However, the payment terms also differ with company to company. Solar Miner offers flexible payment plans and prompt solar installation. Speak to our expert now to learn more. 

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