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Assessing saving options to brighten this Christmas!

December 23, 2022

The most wonderful time of the year is almost around the corner. We would all agree that Christmas is the most exciting part of the year. It also acts as a reminder of the value of sharing and giving with friends and family. It’s always fun to host a party for your family, friends and coworkers. We all love hosting parties with creative ideas to make it all more lively. 

Christmas preparations start a long before it actually arrives. Mostly, we try to be financially prepared for the holiday season. It all starts with saving for Christmas to working extra hours to earn those extra bucks to cutting down on expenses as much as we can to calculating the amount we need to save for the vacation, the party and lastly investing to keep saving. We know it can all be overwhelming. We have shared 3 tips to save more this Christmas.

1. Grab a great solar PV system deal

Christmas deals are available on almost all the products and services and this time of the year is the best time for shopping and grabbing amazing discounts. Investing in a solar power system is one of the most fruitful decisions you can make at the end of this year. Without talking about it much we would like to explain it would be simple math.

Supposing you get a 6.6kW solar power system in Melbourne and your quarterly electricity bill is $400-$500. You can expect the system to generate 20-25kW per day, which can slash your power bills by up to 50%-70% every quarter. You can save approximately $900-$1500 annually on your power bills with a rooftop solar PV system. Solar Miner is offering Tier 1 premium solar systems at never before prices this Christmas. Check your solar Vic rebate eligibility and reduce the cost of going solar even further. Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

2. Going Self-Reliant, Adding a Battery to existing system

A lot of us invested in a solar PV system years ago and now because of inflation and power price increases over the period of time has impacted our overall savings and the return on the investments that we have made on our rooftop solar system. Don’t worry! You can overcome that particular woe by an additional investment in the super-efficient battery that can make you go self-reliant. As most of the systems would have been installed over 10 years back and the conventional inverters would be around their warranty expiration period, it would be worth investing in hybrid inverters along with the batteries. The battery solutions that Solar Miner offers are best in class and are on the approved list of CEC. These batteries come as a part of super value deals and you may be eligible to claim rebate on those. To assess your rebate eligibility please call us now at 1300 285 885

3. Investing in a second solar system

If your roof has space and your power bills and energy consumption is only moving forward north, investing in a second solar system is absolutely worth it. As you already have one system on the roof, you are aware of the benefits of it and everything in and around it. Making use of that extra space on the roof by adding a new system is going to be the best decision ever. We know considering the addition of this second system can be overwhelming and come with various questions and concerns. We are here to answer all your queries and make the process easy for you. Speak to a Solar Miner expert now and get a detailed analysis of your existing and new system.

Choose a CEC approved solar retailer in Victoria

The Victorian government is offering solar rebates of up to $1400 on installing solar and an interest free loan for the same amount. However, it is advised to choose a CEC approved solar retailer only for your property in Victoria, which can help you claim the rebate amount, providing you’re eligible for it. Solar Miner is Victoria’s most preferred and renowned CEC approved solar retailer. Grab our Christmas deals and save huge on our battery special offers.

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