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Advantage Australia – To Employ the Sun to our Benefit!

December 16, 2022

In an effort to utilize solar energy, numerous nations have made significant progress in harvesting energy and employing it as a reliable source of electricity. Although nations are demonstrating that solar energy is a credible solution to the global search for alternatives to burning fossil fuels, it was long thought of as a niche sector.

As nations intensify their efforts to develop renewable energy sources and strive to reduce carbon emissions from the production of electricity, the number of solar power installations is rising quickly around the world. Australia receives an average of 58 million PJ of solar radiation per year, approximately 10 000 times larger than its total energy consumption. However, Australia’s current use of solar energy is low with solar energy accounting for only about 0.1 per cent of Australia’s total primary energy consumption.

Let’s get into some technicalities and calculations to assess the worthiness of the solar PV system in Victoria. 

Sun hours and solar electricity generation in Victoria

On an average Victoria is blessed with 6-7 sun hours daily summing up to 2190-2555 sun hours annually. This reason alone is enough to get solar panels on the Victorian roof. Considering, approximately a homeowner in Victoria receives 5-6 sunlight hours a 6.6kW solar power system can generate around 22-26kW a day. 

Now supposing your average quarterly electricity bill is $400-$500. With solar modules on the roof, providing you try to use most of your electrical appliances in the day time with the set timers, you can slash down your quarterly energy costs by 50-70%. 

What’s your major solar concern?

We all want to shift towards sustainable methods of electricity generation, reduce our power bills and employ the sun to take care of our utility costs. However, most of us step back due to several solar concerns that occupy our minds. Some of the basic customer concerns that we have come across over the years are including but not limited to:

Infrastructure – Victorians are worried about how good or bad their roof will look after the solar panels installation or what if their roof damages during the installation process. However, an experienced solar retailer will only employ a CEC licensed solar installer to install solar at your property, who ensures your roof doesn’t lose its beauty and if it is damaged during the installation gets fixed right away. 

Solar industry Fame – Solar industry as a whole is criticized on various terms also due to the magnitude of options available and various non-ethical practices carried across the industry as a whole. However, it is recommended to research your products well and choose a CEC accredited solar installer in order to avoid any problems and reap the benefits of solar. 

Installation costs – Most of us are worried about the initial costs of getting the panels on the roof. However, solar Victoria makes it really easy for us. Solar for homes program Victoria is offering eligible homeowners a solar rebate of up to $1400 for going solar plus an option of interest free loan of the same amount. 

Are solar panels worth it in 2023?

Both financially and sustainably, investing in solar energy can be favorable. As more of the energy market attempts to phase out reliance on fossil fuels, solar electricity can assist in reducing the carbon footprint of a home as well as the overall carbon footprint of Australia. Solar Miner ’s Christmas sale is live with the latest technology 415W solar modules with smart Wi-Fi inverter on offer. Check your solar rebate eligibility with our experts today and get a customized solar quote for your property within minutes. 

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