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A Smart Christmas Present to Save You Money

November 24, 2022

Summer is almost here. You’re eager to engage in some time in the sun now that the kids’ academic term is almost over and pleasant warmth is forecast. Your bank balance is the only thing that could derail your ambitions. If you’re unprepared, the summer season might bring up a variety of unexpected costs that could put a strain on your finances. 

The approach of the hot summer months also typically entails relaxing by a pool, dipping our toes in the sand, and hosting BBQ gatherings. This is the ideal time for many homeowners to start a few home repair projects. No matter if the modifications are inside the house or outside, the warmer weather offers the ideal setting for most of them.

This Xmas, consider making a solar energy investment to cut your expenses and protect the environment for generations to come. Here are a few justifications for why solar power ought to be at the top of your wish list this season.

1. Sun Months will work in your favor.

There is no doubt that solar energy has higher radiation and intensity during summer months than winter. Also, the sun stays in the sky for longer hours during this season. This means your Solar PV system will generate comparatively higher output in summers than any other season around the year. 

The appliances using electricity will be powered with the electricity generated through solar. The excess power generated by a solar power system will be fed into the grid. Many homeowners receive credits in the electricity bills for exporting the excess power to the grid. 

However, do not undervalue the possibility of a solar system to generate the power during winter season. If the solar products installed at your property hold a good value, hooked on the roof keeping in mind the right angles of panel placement and right size solar system is offered, the solar power system generates enough electricity to meet your power needs for the entire year. 

2. Solar PV system is an investment

A correctly sized solar system with CEC approved products and quality installation has the ability to reduce your quarterly electricity expenses and save you up to $1073* annually on your bills. A typical 6.6kW solar PV system pays back within 3-7 years of installation in Victoria (the period of payback varies based on the brands of products installed, warranties offered, size of the solar system and the location of the property).  

You can reduce the upfront cost of installing solar PV systems by securing the Victorian government solar homes program rebates. Currently, the government is offering a rebate of up to $1400 on investing in solar with an option of interest free loan of the same amount. However, there are several criteria to qualify for the same. Get in touch with our experts at 1300285885 to see if you qualify for the rebates.

3. Grid Connected Solar System is an Added Advantage

This summertime, more sustainable, emission-free energy will be added to the grid thanks to your solar PV system, which is fantastic for the environment. The amount of solar energy you use combined with the excess that is exported to the grid results in a reduction in the amount of electricity that must be produced by the enormous power plants that feed the grid, many of which are powered by fossil fuels. 

Smart Solar Investment Glimpses

Solar Miner customers love talking about their hassle free solar journey, the benefits the solar investment is yielding them and the reliable customer service they receive. Our Solar experts guide you through the entire solar journey, check your solar rebate eligibility and make sure your solar investment is worthwhile. Speak to our team today to learn more about our latest solar deals and value for money solar products. 

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