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Solar Power System Maintenance – Quick Tips

November 16, 2022

After getting a good quote and a competitive price for reliable solar products and customer service, you might think now it’s time to reap the benefits of the investment made. That’s true! Once you have got panels on your roof, connected to the grid, it’s now time to wait and see some changes in the figures of your upcoming electricity bills. 

Solar modules are pretty low maintenance, however, many of us might think that it means that we simply do not need to do anything and the solar will start saving money. While the majority of us are thinking in the right direction, solar is as simple as we think it is. However, a little maintenance is required and it isn’t complicated. In this article we discuss 4 quick tips to maintain your solar PV system in order to keep it functioning well for the lifespan of solar.

1. Monitor your solar PV system

It is easier than ever now to track and monitor the performance of your solar PV system. You may be wondering how? Most of the solar inverters available in the market currently are smart Wi-Fi inverters which enable you to monitor the performance of your solar power system through smart devices from literally anywhere. It is advised to install CEC approved solar inverters only in order to get quality standard inverters that meet the Australian guidelines. 

Solar Miner offers a smart Wi-Fi inverter with 10 years of warranty. Get in touch with our team at 1300285885 to learn more about the brands and size of solar inverters available. 

2. Check your electricity bill

Your electricity bill is the main reason why you installed a solar PV system or are looking for one. It is necessary to evaluate your annual electricity bills before getting a solar power system in order to determine the right size solar system for your property. 

It is also recommended to keep an eye on your electricity bills after the solar PV system to check if there are any changes and to understand the consumption pattern and how to use the solar system to make the most out of it. Solar Miner experts share the necessary tips on how to maximize your savings with solar and offer you the right solar system size for your property.

3. Ensure there are no shading issues

Shading can be one of the major reasons for the poor performance of your solar PV system. It may happen that at the time of installing the solar power system on your roof there were no shading issues. However, with the new construction in the neighborhood came the new problems. It can lead to lower or no output generation through solar modules. 

It is advised to check for any shading issues before the solar installation and monitor the performance in order to ensure smooth functioning of solar panels.

4. Periodic check ups

We believe once the panels are on the roof, the inverter is hooked away from the sunlight and the grid connection is done, we are all set. That is true, however, it is necessary to get your solar panels cleaned once a year. And it is also recommended to get your solar PV system checked once in 5 years through a CEC approved solar retailer in order to ensure everything is up and running properly. 

Solar Miner offers the best deal in Victoria

Victorian homeowners are eligible to get a solar PV rebate of up to $1400 on solar panels installation and a solar battery rebate of up to $2950 on getting a solar battery. However there are criteria for the same. We offer the latest technology solar panels with 10 years of workmanship warranty. Get in touch with our team to learn more about the rebates and products we offer. 

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