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Going solar in Victoria? Things to consider!

November 08, 2022

Solar power provides Victorians independence from ever rising energy costs and saves money. No wonder why we love switching to solar PV system for our electricity needs. Solar energy also helps reduce the carbon footprint of a household or business. 

The Victorian government offers financial incentives on switching to solar power which makes it even more worth it and affordable. However, there are a few things to consider before going solar in Victoria, this shall help you make an informed solar decision. 

1. Is your solar retailer CEC approved?

The first and foremost question that should strike your mind while getting a solar quote is if my solar retailer is CEC approved? A CEC approved retailer guarantees that you will receive high-quality equipment that is securely handled by a trained expert. 

Solar Miner is a CEC approved solar retailer in Victoria offering latest Tier 1 solar modules with 10 years of workmanship warranty. Inquire now for a customized solar solution for your property.

2. Do you qualify for solar rebates?

Solar rebates are the financial incentives offered by the Victorian government to reduce the upfront cost of installing solar. You can reduce up to $1400 on upfront while installing solar in Victoria. Also, you can save up to $2950 on installing a solar battery in Victoria. However, the rebate amount varies with the location of the property, the products installed and the retailer you choose. 

However, there are criteria for the same. To learn more explore the complete guide to the Victorian government solar rebate. Who can apply and how?

3. Comparing your solar PV system

You may have considered going solar because your neighbor, friends or family have installed it on their property and are saving money. You may want to get the products they have installed so that you can generate the same amount of power. However, getting the same products and comparing the power generation of your known ones won’t really help. It is advised to speak to a qualified solar retailer to get your electricity bills analyzed, determine the right size solar system for your property and get the estimated ROI for your solar power system.

4. Do your solar products offer solar monitoring?

The latest technology solar inverters offer smart Wi-Fi inverters which help you monitor and track the performance of your solar system from anywhere through your smart devices. It is one of the important features to consider while going solar as this makes your solar journey for the next 25 years hassle free and offers you easy monitoring. Solar Miner offers the latest technology CEC approved solar inverter with 5+5 years of inverter warranty.  

Solar Miner offers an expert solar solution!

Do you find it difficult to get the solar system quote for your property? Are you wondering what size solar system is right for you? Should you get a 6.6kW solar system? A 10kW solar system? Or a 13.2kW solar system? What brand of solar panels should you install? How can you claim solar VIC rebate? Do not worry! We are here for you. Solar Miner is a renowned and experienced solar retailer in Victoria, our experts offer you the right solar solution for your property and we claim the solar Vic rebate on your behalf, offering you the net price. Speak to our team now to learn more about the latest deals on offer. 

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