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How reliable are online reviews?

November 02, 2022

It is the era of consumerism that we are living in. The consumer enjoys the power of the information and 90% of customers refer to the online reviews of the product or service offered before making a purchase decision. And in today’s modern world, the success or failure of any business depends on the reviews and ratings of the company. And why not? From shopping for clothes to groceries, we like to order everything online in order to save our time and effort. So the reviews and ratings work as a medium to help us make an informed decision while buying a product.

How can they be helpful in deciding on the right solar system?

Investing in solar energy can be a crucial decision and one might look around for several quotes before making a purchase. Reviews of the company and products offered to you are important while installing panels on your roof. So how exactly can they be helpful?

1. Easy comparison of products and services

If you are looking forward to installing a solar power system at your property, you might have considered several quotes and listed down a few products that you would like to invest in. However, how do you select the one that is right for your property? You can check the online reviews of the products offered to you, for example if you are considering installing Alpha Ess battery you can read this Alpha ESS Battery Review 2022 – Is it worth it? Or taking a look at the Enphase micro inverter, you can read this Enphase Microinverter review: Is it worth it to buy in 2022? Lastly, read about the companies and check their reviews on different trusted websites to compare and see which one works best for you.

2. You can learn from people’s experience

Sometimes it’s better to learn from other’s experiences. It saves both our time and money. Digital world has actually made it simpler to learn about different experiences people go through in their everyday life from eating pizza to getting a solar power system for property, it’s all there! You can join some solar communities and read some online reviews to learn about how a particular solar retailer treats their customers. This shall help you decide on the right retailer who can ease your solar process.

3. Online reviews safeguard you from being tricked

If you have inquired about a solar PV system at one place, there are chances you might get 5 more ads on your display or 5 more calls from different companies asking “Are you looking for solar?” This might lead you to get quotes from other retailers as well. However, have you given it a thought? You might be tricked! Not every solar company sells the products it markets or offers in the quote. And if the product is right the installation goes wrong. Reviews safeguard you from being tricked. Read about the solar retailer’s installation and products practices online. 

Above all choose CEC Approved Solar Retailer & Solar Products

Are you a homeowner in Victoria? Do you spend thousands of dollars every year on your electricity bills? Are you considering solar energy to reduce your power bills? If yes, it’s a great opportunity to reduce your energy costs and contribute towards the green environment. Sure, reviews can be an amazing help in selecting the right retailer and products for your property, there are a few more points to consider:

  • Get a solar quote from a CEC approved retailer only.
  • Install CEC approved solar products only.

Solar Miner is one of the most preferred solar retailers in Victoria. Our experts can guide you through the entire solar process to make it all hassle free for you, from documentation to installation, it’s all on us! Keep your electricity bills handy and call our consultants today on 1300285885 to learn more about customized solar solutions for your property. 

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