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Alpha ESS Battery Review 2022 – Is it worth it?

September 01, 2022

Solar battery storage has been in the market for almost two decades, but gained popularity recently. Solar battery storage is now a more practical and affordable choice than ever before because of recent advancements in solar power, battery technology, and energy consumption patterns. The quick transition to sustainable power in Australia is being driven by rooftop solar panels and solar batteries.

There are two types of buyers considering solar battery installations. A new solar energy system buyer evaluating the possibility of a solar energy system integrated with power storage from the outset or an existing solar system homeowner wishing to store any surplus solar energy.

Although solar PV systems and solar battery systems are affordable now, there are certain important need-to-know questions that must be answered before investing such a significant amount. Find out below if the Alpha ESS range is appropriate for your needs.

Alpha ESS history

Alpha ESS, an innovative solar battery manufacturer, was established in Nantong, China, in 2012. AlphaESS is a small company, but its solar solutions have been exported to more than 50 nations. With the shipment of more than 10,000 solar products worldwide, AlphaESS has established a solid international reputation. The brand has gained global fame with the shipment of more than 10,000 solar batteries worldwide. Alpha ESS batteries are a game changer, thanks to its high performing solar batteries range which are affordable and offer significant savings.

Range of Alpha ESS batteries available for residential purpose

The SMILE5 series is one of AlphaESS’s best known household battery systems. Consider the chart below for an estimate of installation costs for an AlphaESS SMILE5 price in Australia with various storage capacities (The costs are subject to change based on the location and specifications of the property):

AlphaESS Battery rangeEstimated Price
Alpha ESS SMILE5 5.5kWh$8300-$8800
Alpha ESS SMILE5 11kWh$11800-$12800
Alpha ESS SMILE5 16.5kWh$14800-$17300

Why should you install an Alpha ESS battery?

  • Modern Technology

Alpha batteries contain a significant amount of storage capacity and a user-friendly interface thanks to the latest cutting-edge innovation and design characteristics. The goal of AlphaESS was to develop a solar battery with a quick response time, real time monitoring, embedded system, and a durable product. Undoubtedly it succeeded in achieving all the goals with its Smile5 solar battery series. 

  • Connecting existing and new solar PV system

AlphaESS wanted to ensure that its solar storage systems are suitable for both new installation and existing solar PV systems in place, in order to increase convenience and compatibility for customers. This makes it one of the most acceptable solar battery ranges and brands in the Australian solar market.

  • Customization

There are numerous operational settings available for the AlphaESS SMILE5. You can maximize your system’s performance with the features and customize with what best suits your needs thanks to its straightforward interface and remote monitoring. These solar batteries have cutting-edge German design and provide great results and remarkably extended lifecycles. They can surely help you save more bucks and help you track the real time performance of the battery.

What are the warranties on ALPHA ESS batteries?

Alpha ESS battery offers warranty of 5-10 years depending on the model and battery size. Different components have different warranties. The warranties also differ with the series and range of solar batteries. Our friendly team at 1300285885 can help you learn more about your solar battery options and warranties. Call us right away to know more.


Whether you are considering installing a solar PV system, battery ready solar PV system or hooking a solar battery on an existing solar power system in place, it is necessary to consult a solar expert. Correctly sizing your solar system and battery storage system is important. There are a lot of technicalities involved in the process. A solar consultant can help you increase your savings and reduce your payback period studying your energy patterns. Regain the control on your electricity bills, Speak to one of our solar consultants today and get the best solar battery options suited for your property. 

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