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What is it like to be a Solar Miner customer?

August 23, 2022

We are delighted to be one of Victoria’s largest providers of solar energy, but we are aware that we couldn’t have reached this position without the support of our loyal customers. The fact that we established our company on the principles of a helpful and trustworthy service, offered with an emphasis on competence and effectiveness, makes us even happier. 

Don’t rely on our statement alone, though. Solar Miner is a CEC approved solar retailer and one of the few solar power companies that backs up what we say on our website with significant customer testimonials. The remarks people make in their reviews are what make us proudest, but our product review rating is a gauge of consumer happiness.

4 Easy steps to get solar with Solar Miner

  • Request a free quote 

Getting an obligation free solar quote is easy! “ Request a quote ” and tell us what you are looking for? Keep your electricity bills handy. Our experts might require certain details regarding your electricity consumption to navigate you to the right direction. Share your property specifications like, roof type, property phase, number of levels on the property and the location. Solar Miner experts shall analyze your property specifications and electricity bills and guide you accordingly.

  • Check your rebate eligibility

Solar panel rebates are available up to $1400 plus the option of interest free loan. Solar battery rebates are available up to $2950. You can reduce the upfront cost of installing solar and opt for interest free loan as well to switch to solar in Victoria. Start saving on your electricity bills and generate your own power. There are various criteria for solar rebate eligibility and it can only be claimed through a CEC approved solar retailer. Check your solar rebate eligibility with Solar Miner today!

  • Get customized solar solution

After assessing your energy requirements and rebate eligibility, a Solar Miner expert offers customized solar solutions for your property to suit your property and electricity requirements and helps you make an informed solar decision. 

  • Install solar PV system with $0 upfront cost deal

The initial costs of installing bothering you? Not to worry, it is flexible! Solar Miner offers Tier 1 premium solar system with 0% interest payment plan with Humm. Humm offers payment plans across the range of solar products and makes it easy to go solar. Install solar PV system at your property with Solar Miner’s $0 upfront cost deal .

Solar Energy usage across Victoria

According to the data available, more than 510,000, meaning 1 in every 5 homes in Victoria have already installed solar on their roof. You may produce clean energy and cut your power costs by adding a solar PV system. A percentage of electricity generated by the solar power will be used in the house to power the appliances and the rest will be fed back to the grid, for which you shall receive credits on your bill. Adding a solar battery can help you store excess power generated by your solar PV system for the night use or overcast days. You can regain control and generate your own power with solar energy. 

Why do Victorians choose Solar Miner?

The reviews frequently highlight how quickly and effectively we work. Keeping interruption to a minimum is one of our top concerns when installing solar for our customers. The achievements our 2000+ customers helped us achieve:

Solar Miner is one of the Renowned and Preferred Solar Retailers for Homeowners in Victoria. We are committed to raising the bar in the solar industry. Solar Miner strives to provide affordable solar power systems making clean energy available to homes and businesses across the state. Get your solar quote now!

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