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More Aussies getting Self-sufficient by installing Solar Batteries

September 09, 2022

Australia installed over 360,000 rooftop PV systems in 2021, an increase of around 40% compared to 2020. The country is seeing growth in solar PV installation across the residential and commercial segment, which culminates in the market’s growth. In 2020, Australia’s renewable energy installed capacity stood at 6,710 MW. This data from Mordor intelligence’s survey shows that at present, solar panels are becoming more popular.

It is not a secret that climate change is affecting us. The Earth is getting warmer, and it is a reality that humans need to take care of. Look at Europe, Canada and the US for an instance where the frequency of Heat-Waves has increased more than ever. A better part is that we can contribute a bit to avoid this by going solar and adapting to renewable sources of energy which can help us to combat climate change. Solar energy, over a period of time, has proven to be the most hassle-free of all renewable sources. 

Furthermore to adapting solar, the solar battery industry too has been growing in popularity over the past few years. This has been in part to the growing environmental awareness in the world and the desire for a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels. 

What is a solar battery?

What are solar batteries? A solar battery is a battery that is charged by solar energy. A solar battery is not just used for energy storage, but also for other purposes such as providing power to devices. Solar battery technology is still in its infancy, but there has been a great amount of progress in the past few years. How is a solar battery charged? A solar battery is charged via a solar panel. A solar panel is a device that is used to convert solar energy into electricity. The electricity is stored in the battery. When is a solar battery charged? A solar battery is charged when the sun is shining.

Solar battery is an investment

Solar batteries are an investment that will pay off in the long run. You will save a lot of money connecting a solar battery along with solar PV panels. It helps you contribute to the environment. It is a win-win situation. Solar batteries are also growing in popularity as they are much cheaper than ever before. This has caused a huge increase in the demand for solar batteries. If you jump on the bandwagon now, you will be ahead of the game.

Government incentives or rebates available on solar batteries

Australia is currently dealing with perhaps the worst energy crisis in history. Solar batteries and solar panels are also a great way to cut your electric bills and reduce carbon footprint. The government is offering solar rebates on solar batteries and solar panels. The solar rebates can be around $5000-$8000 depending on your location and other property specifications. However, there is a huge opportunity to save 50% or more on the upfront cost of installing solar. This means that you will be able to save money and make your solar options more affordable.


To summarize we can derive a conclusion that Solar batteries are a growing trend in Australia. People are using solar batteries to reduce their power bills. This is because solar batteries can store power from the sun and use it when needed. When the sun goes down, the solar batteries can store the power from the sun and use that power to provide power to your home. The benefits of solar panels and solar batteries can be endless as they are a renewable resource and they provide power for your home. Solar batteries are also much more efficient than traditional sources of power. Solar options can be easy and safe to install. Solar battery rebates up to $2950 available in Victoria. Get in touch with Solar Miner team to explore your solar options today.

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