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Big Steps Forward for Renewables

September 21, 2020

In the global race towards renewable energy solutions, Australia is undoubtedly in the frontline, aiming to become a renewable-energy export superpower. Aussie renewables are growing at a per capita rate 10 times faster than the global average and are seeing a significant rise of large-scale solar farms. It is time to explore and reconsider how we all consume energy!

With an ideal geographical landscape and positioning, Australia is capable of utilizing wind and solar on a grand scale, with solar alone having the capacity to generate more than 60% of total energy. With many local solar installation companies on the rise in cities such as Melbourne, this ideal future is becoming a reality.

Data analytics giant GlobalData places Australia among the top countries leading the shift towards renewables, with record-breaking achievements such as the 46.5% of energy consumption deriving from wind and solar in August 2020. Analysts are confident that photovoltaic (PV) solar generation will continue to see a rise in installations.

Corporate Involvement on the Rise

The start of this decade has seen a wave of companies pledging to set new standards in compliance with this inevitable green shift. Aldi, for example, has committed to power 100% of its Australia operations with renewables by the end of 2021, having already reached a milestone of 40% emission reduction in the last decade.

This trend stretches across a range of industries, all keen on challenging Australia’s previously dependable coal supply. Westpac Banking and Aussie software giant Atlassian have made similar commitments for 100% renewable energy usage on a global scale by 2025.

Milestones for Consumers

Individual consumers are following in the footsteps of corporate social responsibility as well. Already back in 2018, the number of Australian households that have incorporated solar panels has crossed the 2 million mark, now seeing an average of six panel installations per minute across the nation.

In states like Victoria, incentive schemes have allowed up to a 90% surge in installations and are calculated to save consumers as much as $850 million on power bills during this decade. One of the leading brands that have contributed to the wave of solar panel installations in places like Melbourne is Solar Miner, where we make it our mission to bring solar power to homes and businesses in the most cost-effective way and provide a solution that will end reliance on the energy grid.

The trajectory Australia has found itself on is inspiring, to say the least, and it is now easier than ever to be a part of the green revolution for businesses and individuals alike.

With only three years in operation, Solar Miner has already become one of the most reputable solar installation companies in Victoria. We sell, install, and service solar panels in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. 

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