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Change in rebate on Solar Battery in Victoria

September 14, 2020

As of July 2020, eligible Victorian households can save up to $4,174 off the cost of installing solar batteries through a point-of-sale discount under the Solar Homes Program. This is a slight drop from the earlier maximum allowable discount of $4,838 provided under the Solar Battery Rebate Scheme.

However, the lowered rebate barely affects the overall cost savings of installing a robust solar battery system. A typical Victorian home can still save up to $640 a year just by installing a solar battery to store extra energy that would otherwise be lost.

Earlier in the year, the Victorian government extended the Solar Battery Rebate Scheme to include an additional 150 postcodes across the state. There are now 247 postcodes that can utilise the rebate, but that number could rise as the scheme spreads to more locations. The new postcodes were selected based on areas with high population growth and solar PV penetration.

That expansion may have had something to do with the rebate reduction. But all in all, it is generally a good thing because more Victorian residents can now enjoy the generous government incentive to install functional solar PV power units.

Qualifications for eligibility

To qualify for the Solar Battery Rebate, you must meet these criteria:

  • The home must be within an eligible postcode.
  • You should have a pre-installed solar PV system with a capacity to generate at least 5kW of electricity.
  • The property should not have any existing power storage solution, and the new system must feature in Solar Victoria’s Approved Battery List.
  • Only the property owner can apply for the rebate.
  • The home must be valued at less than $3 million and should not have previously claimed any other solar rebates.
  • The total household taxable income must be below $180,000.
  • The owner must agree to free audits and safety inspections.
  • Any retailer involved in the purchase must be approved and accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

Install a home solar battery and save money

The government is continually trying to encourage clean solar power through rebates and other incentives. There is a good chance that the rebates will keep reducing in the future as domestic solar PV penetration increases. Now is the best time to take full advantage of the available offers to install and run a low-cost solar generator.

Solar Miner is among the highly accredited and most reputable solar installation companies in Victoria. We sell, install, and service solar panels in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today and start your solar PV panels and battery installation as we guide you on claiming the right rebates.


Notice to Market Solar Homes Program

Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

Solar Victoria

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