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Could the Neon Mondo 600MW battery revolutionise solar power in Melbourne?

September 09, 2020

When it comes to solar power in Melbourne, there’s no denying that the city’s favourable climate is on your side during Spring & Summer months. With around 2,079 hours of sunshine each year, Melbourne lends itself well to efficient solar panel use.

Of course, there are always ways to take that solar power use a step further. If you’ve not yet heard of the Victoria Big Battery, you’re about to learn more. As a project that has been developed between Neoen and Mondo, it’s set to eclipse the efforts of Tesla over in Horndale.

What is the Neon Mondo 600MW battery?

The Neon Mondo 600MW battery is a large battery that will be stored near Geelong, Victoria. It was introduced to the State of Victoria as part of its plans to take a solo approach to generating and using solar power.

The aim of the project is for Victoria to offer better grid reliability when it comes to energy. Should the project go to plan, the battery will store up to 600MW of renewable energy. Households in Victoria may benefit from such energy.

How will this improve solar power in Melbourne?

If you’re currently using solar panels in Melbourne, you may find that you switch between the power you generate yourself and the main grid electricity. Although this will result in lower energy bills, you may also be left wondering whether you’re taking as green of an approach as you can to your lifestyle.

The Neon Mondo 600MW battery should improve your chances of using solar power in Melbourne. So whether you own panels or not, you can lead a greener lifestyle.

Should you still install solar panels in Melbourne?

Although the Neon Mondo 600MW battery makes it easier for everyone to access solar power in Victoria, there’s still a strong case for installing panels at your home or business. Whether you use a 6.6kW residential system or you’re adding a 30kW commercial system to your business, you’re making an investment that will help you save hundreds of dollars for years to come. Additionally, you’re taking your ability to live a greener lifestyle into your own hands.

If you’re interested in installing solar panels in Melbourne, come to us. We have one of the largest selections of panels around, and we provide our customers with high-end products. To learn more about what we do, or to request a free quote, call 1300 285 885.

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