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Commercial Solar in Melbourne: Price vs. Quality

June 29, 2020

Generating clean electricity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions is an excellent reason for commercial property owners in Melbourne to consider the installation of a solar energy system.

Melbourne’s zero net emissions vision outlines a plan to significantly reduce the city’s carbon footprint by 2021 with a targeted reduction of 4.5 per cent each year. That plan relies largely on commercial property owners committing to convert to solar.

Benefits of Commercial Solar

The City of Melbourne’s plan to achieve zero net emissions relies heavily on the use of commercial solar.

Converting to a commercial solar energy system has many benefits.

  • It lowers electricity bills. The rising cost of electricity is a concern for business and industry. Installing commercial solar is a great way to get a handle on energy expenses.
  • It improves your brand’s reputation. Australians produced 23.5 per cent and 33 terawatt-hours of renewable energy in 2019, meeting its 2020 renewable energy goal. By switching to commercial solar, your company is affirming its commitment to reduce its carbon footprint by using clean, renewable energy.
  • It provides a great return on investment. The initial cost of purchasing and installing a commercial solar energy system will produce a significant return on investment within three to five years.
  • It increases commercial property value. When your business invests in solar energy, it is a signal to future tenants of your commitment to protecting the environment. Buildings with commercial solar can command higher rents and lower vacancy rates.
  • It comes with government incentives. As with residential solar, the government offers commercial solar rebates, grants, and incentives under the Renewable Energy Certificate program. Solar Miner can ensure your commercial property meets the requirements for reimbursement and benefits under the program.

Price vs. Quality

The cost of installing solar panels has dropped significantly since 2010, making the conversion to cleaner energy more appealing to commercial property owners.

The average expected price range for the installation of a 100 kW commercial solar PV system is between $AUS130,000 and $AUS200,000 depending on the number of solar panels installed. This price range includes between 380 and 410 solar panels and is ideal for businesses spending about $47,000 annually in energy costs. It includes solar PV panels and a solar inverter.

A 100 kW system can cover as much as 30 per cent of annual energy consumption for large manufacturing facilities or commercial businesses with high energy usage.

Ready to convert your Melbourne commercial building to solar to start saving today? Solar Miner can help. Contact us at 1300 285 885.

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