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Residential Solar in Melbourne: Price vs. Quality

June 22, 2020

From December through February, sunny days in Melbourne are quite frequent, making it a prime location for residential properties interested in solar. Even in the cooler winter and spring months, Melbourne residents enjoy an average of five hours of sun each day.

The Australian Energy Council estimates the total number of homes using solar power topped 2 million by December 2018. Interest in the energy savings produced by solar power continues to grow.

Benefits of Solar

Many Australian homeowners are exploring the benefits of investing in solar energy.

1. Reducing your carbon footprint

Many homeowners are aware of the energy savings produced with solar. But what many may not realise is the significant reduction in their carbon footprint when they choose solar. Australia uses coal and gas to generate electricity for the national power grid, with coal accounting for 75 per cent and gas 16 per cent of all electricity generated. One week of electricity generated using coal produces roughly 1.18 kg of carbon emissions. Using a 5 kW residential solar power system produces an average of 20 kW/h daily. Melbourne residents using solar have the potential to reduce their carbon emissions by 8.6 tonnes each year.

2. Government incentives

Installing residential solar power in Melbourne qualifies the homeowner for the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) program. Eligible systems generate a Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC). When you buy your solar panels here at Solar Miner, we walk homeowners through the process to ensure maximum benefits.

3. Energy savings

The amount homeowners save on their energy bills with solar depends on the size of the system installed and the residents’ overall energy consumption. Homeowners can expect an average reduction of $400 per year in their energy bills when using solar.

Price vs. Quality

Prices for residential solar panels continue to drop, with the average cost for a 5 kW system costing between $AUS3,000 and $AUS8,000 depending on the quality of the panels selected. At Solar Miner, we recommend choosing panels that offer the most efficiency in converting sunlight into usable electricity. Solar panel efficiency is the most important criterion when choosing residential solar panels. Efficient panels cost more for initial purchase and installation but are worth the investment.

It is important to note that solar energy systems lack moving parts, making it unlikely that frequent repairs and replacements will be needed. A quality system also adds value to your home. Let the residential solar experts in Melbourne assist with your conversion to solar energy. Reach out to us today 1300 285 885.

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