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Going Solar in Victoria? – Tick the Solar PV Checklist.

February 02, 2023

Going solar seems like one of the most fruitful investments right now. The inflation rate in Australia has increased to 7.8%, which is the highest since 1990. The food prices, the transportation costs, the housing prices and the energy costs all have increased at an unexpected rate. Wholesale electricity prices have increased abruptly over the past 1 year affecting our power bills significantly. 

Buying a rooftop solar PV system can definitely feel like the most fruitful investment right now as it saves significantly on power bills and secures us from ever rising energy costs. However, there is a checklist you must go through before going solar in Victoria.

1. Do Research, Get Quotes, Know your Retailer

Investing time into research never really hurts. Do your own research about solar PV systems, how does it function? Who can install solar? What brands are available in the market? What warranties are being offered to you? Make sure to understand the process of going solar. Get solar quotes online as it saves time and provides you with more options on your fingertips. Before signing the deal, make sure to know your solar retailer. If you are considering going solar in Victoria, understand that you need to sign up with a CEC accredited retailer in order to claim your solar rebates (if you are eligible). Check the online reviews of the solar company you are looking forward to going with. It tells you a lot about the company and their services. Solar Miner is one of the renowned CEC approved solar retailers in Victoria, check out what is it like to be a Solar Miner customer?

2. Check the Roof Aspects

It is the roof where solar panels are going to be installed. So firstly, you need to inspect your roof for any problems. Is your roof strong enough to hold the weight of the solar modules or it needs some repairing or is it too old and fragile? Get a roof inspection done by a professional, who can help you learn if there are any damages on the roof like broken tiles. 

Once you are through with your roof inspection, you can talk about the space availability for solar panels on your roof with your solar expert. Ask them if your roof has enough space to install solar modules and what size system can you install? Most of the roofs do have the area to install at least a 6.6kW solar panel system. However, your technical solar expert can check your property through Google earth or other software (thanks to modern technology, it has all become so easy!) to see how many solar panels can fit on your roof.

It’s hassle free with Solar Miner experts! Speak to our experienced solar experts who can guide you through your roof aspects and understand your requirements to provide you the right size solar PV system for your property.

3. Inspect the Shading

After assessing the aspects of your roof, your solar retailer might share the estimated solar production and energy output of the system with you. You can learn about the expected solar generation through the internet by searching the system size. However, every property is different and there can be no fixed stated output a specific system size would produce. Inspecting the shading issues on your own can be dangerous and is not advised. Shading usually affects the production. Your solar retailer can use various software’s to understand if there are any shading issues. 

4. Ask about the Solar Inverter & Solar Battery location

Remember that your solar inverter should be located away from the direct sunlight. It needs to be fixed in the shading. Also, make sure there is a space for a solar battery near your solar inverter, this can help in future in case you are considering hooking a solar battery. A professional CEC accredited solar installer knows the best place to fix the solar inverter and solar battery. 

Solar Miner appoints CEC accredited solar installers to install solar PV systems at your property. They make sure to follow the guidelines and install the system professionally. Get in touch with our team now to learn more

5. Evaluate the switchboard condition 

Evaluating the switchboard condition is mandatory as it can affect the cost of your solar PV system and ROI as well. If your switchboard needs an upgrade, the cost might increase by up to $1000-$2000. 

A Solar Miner expert requests you for a switchboard picture before quoting you exactly over your solar panel system. Our team thoroughly evaluates the condition of your switchboard and also finds out the property phase. The inverter pricing changes with the property phase. A single phase inverter can be less expensive than a three phase inverter. 

Install Tier 1 Premium Solar System with Solar Miner

Solar Miner offers a premium Tier 1 solar system with easy payment plans. Solar homes program Victoria is offering eligible homeowner’s solar panel rebates of up to $1400 plus the option of an interest free loan of the same amount. Check your solar rebate eligibility with our experts today at 1300285885. Request a free quote with Battery bundle offers. 

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