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How do solar batteries work? Check this guide!

June 22, 2022

Energy tariffs will increase on July 1, forcing consumers to seek out cleaner, greener, and cheaper alternatives. Over 3 million households now have rooftop solar photovoltaic panels, making it the most preferred option. 

What’s A Solar Battery?

A household battery system can either be charged with electrical energy from the grid or from renewable energy sources such as rooftop solar. Batteries store energy which can then be used to power appliances and other electrical systems in the home.

A growing number of homeowners are considering the addition of a battery to their solar PV system.

Why Do You Need A Solar Battery?

You can utilize more of your solar system’s energy by adding a battery. A solar battery lets you store energy that your panels produce, so you can use it later in the day. In fact, you can almost double the amount of solar energy you use.

  1. Storing solar energy for outages/night-time use
  2. Minimize grid dependency
  3. Earn feed-in tariffs for surplus kilowatt hours

Understanding The Science Behind Solar Batteries

Solar PV systems have been installed in record numbers in Victoria, with homeowners adopting renewable energy.

Most solar batteries today are lithium-ion batteries – the same tech that’s used for powering laptops, mobiles, and various other devices. Through a chemical reaction, lithium-ion batteries are capable of storing chemical energy before converting the same into electrical energy. Free electrons released by lithium ions flow from the negatively-charged anode to the positively-charged cathode, which is further enhanced due to the presence of a lithium salt electrolyte. For the unversed, lithium-salt electrolyte is the liquid inside the battery that helps balance by providing positive ions. 

The standard solar storage battery used for rooftop systems relies on multiple battery cells, which have been designed to ensure maximized performance of the battery system. Think of solar batteries as storage devices recharged with solar energy and generating electrical current. 

Reviewing The Technologies 

Typically, solar batteries can be categorized as lithium-ion or lead-acid. Compared to the latter, lithium-ion batteries can store more energy and are more preferred in today’s world, especially when energy demands are soaring. There’s also a term called the “Depth of Discharge” or DoD, which basically determines the percentage to which a particular solar battery can be used before it requires a recharge. Lithium-ion batteries have a higher DoD than lead-acid batteries and can store energy for longer. Also, lithium-ion batteries are compact in size, which makes storage and use easy for residential and commercial sectors alike. 

What Are the Best Solar Battery Brands In Australia?

While there are numerous options, we recommend the following for Australian homes – 

  • Alpha ESS Battery
  • Tesla Powerwall
  • Redback Technologies
  • SonnenBatterie
  • Solax Power Battery
  • Sungrow battery  

What to look for when buying a solar battery system?

  • Look for an AC- Coupling, which makes it easier to connect the battery to your existing solar system. 
  • Check for modular designs, which are easy to operate and come with features like remote diagnostics. 
  • Consider the maintenance costs when comparing solar batteries. 
  • Of course, we also recommend relying on the right brand for your home needs. 

What warranties are available?

If the system is properly sized and used within its recommended cycle depth and frequency ratings, the battery lifespan may be greater than that implied by its warranty.

Workmanship warranties should match battery and inverter warranties (ideally 10 years) so that in the event of a battery or inverter breakdown, labor is included at no additional cost.

Contact Solar Miner Today

Solar Miner is your CEC-approved retailer in Australia, and we have been serving Victorian homes for years now. If you already have a solar system at home, our certified electricians can help install your new solar battery. Also, eligible Victorian households can benefit from the Solar Victoria and claim a rebate of up to $3,500.

Minimize what you spend for your energy needs – Get a solar system with a dedicated solar battery today. 

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