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Solar battery Guide – Compare the best solar battery deals – All you need to know.

July 05, 2022

Solar PV System and Solar batteries have gained prevalence over the years. It has turned out to be one of the most favourable sources of renewable energy in the recent times of energy crisis and high electricity prices.There are various battery brands and sizes available in the market.  However, comparing and selecting the right battery options for your household or commercial is not an easy task. We make it easy for you! Keep reading to learn more about the battery size and solar battery brand options. 

Lithium ion batteries

Lithium ion batteries are popular as they are the best compatible with a solar PV system. Lithium ion is used in lithium ion batteries to store the energy. The electrolyte is typically composed of a lithium salt solution, with carbon as the anode and any metal oxide as the cathode. Li-ion produces power as it passes from the anode connection to the cathode connection by converting chemical energy to electrical energy. Rechargeable batteries of the lithium ion variety are widely accepted in the telecommunications sector. The advantages that make these batteries best for use with Solar are:

  • Light weight
  • Low maintenance
  • Lower battery discharge cycles

Modern lithium battery systems have swiftly replaced conventional lead-acid batteries over the years. 

Correctly sizing the solar PV system and solar battery

The importance of getting just the right and correct size for your solar system and solar battery is not known to many. To keep the performance and efficiency up to the mark, it is necessary to find the right size solar battery option. When it comes to solar PV systems, getting a slightly bigger system than needed is advised. However, that is not the case with solar batteries. The factors that determine the size of solar PV battery are:

  • Size of existing or new solar system
  • Consumption pattern (night and day time electricity usage)
  • On grid or off grid system

Solar battery size for your property can be best determined by a solar expert who can assess your bills and electricity patterns. Most modern battery options are technologically advanced and easily get connected to the solar system.

Compare best solar battery brand options 

  • Alpha ESS

Alpha ESS solar batteries are sold across the globe. It is a Chinese solar storage system manufacturing company that specializes in residential and commercial solar battery storage systems. Alpha ESS batteries can be coupled with both AC and DC connections. Most importantly, how much do these batteries cost?

The company has various battery option series for residential and commercial purposes. The SMILE series is a widely used series of Alpha ESS, available in most popular sizes: 5.5kWh, 11kWh and 16.5kWh and the price range for these products falls between $8400 to $17400.

  • Redback Technologies

Redback Technologies is an Australian owned and operated company. It started in 2015 in Brisbane and designed the solar batteries to suit the Australian conditions. Redback offers AC coupled batteries in 3 sizes: 7.2kWh, 9.6kWh and 14.2kWh. Installing a redback solar battery would cost you around $10000 to $17000.They are compatible with most installed latest technology solar systems and the company offers Australian supported 10 years warranty. 

  • Sonnen

Sonnen was established in 2010 in Germany and now has an assembling unit in South Australia since 2015. Sonnen is one of the premium solar battery options available in Australia and across the Europe and global markets. The company has various battery options for residential and commercial purposes. 

SonnenBatterie Evo is an AC coupled battery with 10kWh usable capacity and comes with a 10 years warranty.

SonnenBatterie Hybrid 9.53 is mostly widely used to lighten up homes as it has an efficiency of 98%, can be expanded up to 15kWh and comes with 10 years of warranty. For the commercial setup these batteries can be combined together up to 45kWh (15×3) to meet the energy needs.

Installing a sonnen battery could cost around $17500-$22000. It can be relatively costly to install sonnen batteries than any other brand, however, considering efficiency Sonnen is one of the finest battery systems you can install at your home or business property.

  • Tesla

Most of us who have already installed solar or are looking for a solar system might have heard about the Tesla Powerwall battery. Tesla Powerwall offers DC coupling batteries. Tesla batteries did capture the market and changed the way we transition to renewable energy. 

Tesla Powerwall has 13.5kWh energy capacity, has efficiency of 90%, it complies with Australia’s safety standards and offers 10 years of warranty. Installing a Tesla battery would cost you around $14000-$16000.

Tricky and technical- isn’t it? We have got you covered!

We understand that choosing the right size solar PV system and solar battery option can be technical and tricky most of the time. Don’t worry we have got you covered! Our friendly solar consultants are just a call away to assist you regarding your solar packages and best deals on offer. Speak to one of the Solar Miner professionals to make the most out of your solar investment. 

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