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Install Solar PV System + Battery To Avoid Rising Energy Costs

July 15, 2022

Power cuts put a lot at risk to our constantly linked world. For individuals and commercials that depend on technology and electricity to produce goods and provide services, losing power is a significant barrier. The recent instability in the domestic electricity market was never known or predicted by Australians. The coal-fired power plants that are having issues are receiving maintenance and repairs now. The federal government’s long-term priorities include expanding the use of alternative energy sources and improving the nation’s grid so that renewable energy can be stored more effectively. Meanwhile, the end consumers, households and business owners will probably pay more for their electricity, as has been anticipated for a long time.

You are not required to support it, though. There is a way to reduce your power bills and continue using your essential equipment and lighting by generating your own power through using solar energy. Read on to save more in the coming months.

Solar PV system + Solar Battery

One solution to use most of the solar energy you produce is to add a battery to your solar system. You may use a solar battery to increase how much solar energy you utilize by storing the extra energy your modules produce and using it later in the day. The solar battery has already been available for a long time, but because it was pricey, the majority of people couldn’t afford it. However, with recent advances in technology, batteries are quickly gaining popularity as a better alternative for solar users. So what are the benefits of solar PV system + battery deal?

  • Surplus energy can be saved
  • Reduced carbon footprints
  • More money is saved

Can I afford a solar battery + solar PV system?

If you are looking for good solar battery ready system deals, you have reached the right place. Solar Miner strives to offer some of the amazing solar PV systems and solar battery deals for your property. Save huge with our latest solar deals and get the most out of your solar system. 

Getting solar and battery power is easier than you think. The rebates offered by the government make it financially viable to switch to solar and reduce the upfront cost of installing a solar battery and solar panels. Solar Victoria also offers interest free loan options for eligible homeowners. Solar Miner has a wide range of solar power options with financing alternatives once you’ve decided to go solar. If you have the money up front, it’s all good. But the majority of folks undoubtedly require some assistance. Consider Solar Miner’s financing options, get 0% interest payment plans that beat the upfront cost of installing solar. 

Solar Miner offers exclusive deals and services

Solar Miner is one of the Renowned and Preferred CEC approved Solar Retailers for Homeowners in Victoria. We are committed to raising the bar in the solar industry. Solar Miner strives to provide affordable solar power systems making clean energy available to homes and businesses across Victoria. Some of the popular locations we serve at are:

  • Melbourne
  • Ballarat
  • Geelong
  • Bendigo
  • Mildura
  • Warrnambol
  • Wangaratta

Get in touch with the Solar Miner team today and learn more about our latest and exclusive deals on offer.

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