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Solar FAQ 2022 – Your Top Solar Questions And Concerns Answered!

July 20, 2022

If you’re unfamiliar with the realm of renewable energy, solar power in its different forms can be very perplexing. Below, we address frequently asked issues about solar energy in regards to home grid-connected systems. 

Are solar panels worth it?

For homeowners looking at reducing their power costs and doing their part for the environment, solar panels have emerged as the upgrade of choice. But do solar panels make sense? With years of our experience and customer interaction, we conclude that solar panels are a wise financial decision. Solar panels increase the energy efficiency of your home, save utility costs, and even provide you the opportunity to make money off of your energy use.

What is an on grid and off grid solar system?

On grid solar systems as the name suggests are connected to the grid. The excess power generated by the solar system gets fed back to the grid, for which you receive credits in the bill. 

Off-grid solar systems or standalone solar systems, offer complete independence from grid electricity in locations where grid power is either not accessible or is being immediately replaced by more expensive or unreliable grid power. 

Most of the properties are on grid solar systems rather than off grid. Off grid solar systems call for higher installation costs, greater payback period, and limited solar energy storage necessitates massive battery backups and lastly you need to be mindful about the efficiency of your system, in any case if the system is not working you cannot source power from other sources.

What are the costs of installing solar panels in Victoria in 2022?

Solar panels can range in price significantly, however as business owners and homeowners consider solar investment, it’s important to keep in mind that you generally get what you pay for in terms of quality, efficiency, and maintenance. The majority of people believe that the most economical method to invest in solar energy is to achieve the optimal balance between solar panel power production and roof covering.

The standard of the materials utilised and the efficiency of panels are two very important factors to consider. The panels that come with good quality and use high quality materials, might be slightly costlier than the other ones in the market. However, they might prove to be a good investment in the long run. Remember, the bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of a low price has faded. While inexpensive solar panels may seem like a good deal, they might not perform as you had anticipated. 

The best way to determine the number of panels your property needs and the solar system size that is suitable for you, is to speak to a professional solar consultation. A solar expert can evaluate your electricity bills and consider your consumption pattern to provide you a customized solar quote for your property. Solar Miner offers a wide range of solar products options to choose from to fit in your solar budget. 

What rebates are available in Victoria for installing solar?

Solar Victoria’s home solar program is helping Victorians to save on their energy bills, tackle climate change and build a cleaner, renewable future. Solar panel rebates are available of up to $1,400 plus the option of an interest-free loan. You are required to use an authorised retailer to be eligible for a solar rebate. Speak to our Solar Miner team to check your rebate eligibility. 

What are the warranties on the solar system?

Solar PV system comprises various components like solar panels, solar inverter, mounting system and workmanship. All of it comes with different warranties:

Solar Panels: 25 years of performance warranty and 10 years of product warranty

Solar Inverter: Depending on the brand, 5-10 years of warranty

Mounting system: Depending on the brand, 5-10 years of warranty

Workmanship: Depending on the solar retailer 5-10 years of warranty

Solar Miner offers premium quality Tier 1 solar panels with 25 years of performance warranty, smart Wi-Fi inverter with 10 years of warranty and 10 years of workmanship warranty for peace of mind. Get an obligation free quote for your property today.

Want to quick-start your solar journey?

Solar Miner is one of the Renowned and Preferred Solar Retailers for Homeowners in Victoria. We are committed to raising the bar in the solar industry. Solar Miner strives to provide affordable solar power systems making clean energy available to homes and businesses. We are confident of our pre-sales and post-sales procedures, and we are overjoyed to see that the dedication of our team has resulted in satisfied customers and excellent ratings online. Want to quick-start your solar journey? What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today. 

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