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What Is Solar Energy Storage? Learn About Solar Options For Your Property With Solar Miner

July 29, 2022

There is no doubt that solar power is growing in popularity in Australia as more of us realise the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy. The advantages of solar can only be enjoyed if the solar panels are installed correctly. Solar power can seem like a complicated topic at times, we have got you, and we are here to make things simpler for you. In this blog we have tried to cover the basics of solar storage options and advantages of it.

What is solar energy storage?

Let’s start with simple basics, “Storage” itself refers to storing some form of energy for future use. Solar panels on the roof absorb the solar energy and produce electricity in the form of Direct Current (DC). Most of the appliances use Alternate current (AC) to function. Solar inverter plays an important role in solar PV systems, it converts DC electricity to AC, which can now be easily used to power the appliances. Now, let’s assume your solar PV system produces 20kW per day of output out of which 15kW is consumed. The balance of 5kW is fed back to the grid, for which you receive credits that reflect in your quarterly bills. However, a solar battery can store the excess power generated by your solar PV system for the night time or future usage, reducing your reliance on the grid power. 

3 Advantages of installing solar battery + solar system

There has been so much buzz around solar batteries in the recent times of energy crisis. Most of us are considering hooking up a solar battery to our existing solar system or installing a battery ready system. However, you might want to learn about the benefits of installing solar battery:

Sustainable power:

Solar PV systems generate the highest power in the day time, technically we might not be using so much power in the day. Electricity retailers charge different tariffs for consuming electricity during different hours of the day and night. During the night time, when we cannot use solar power from the solar system, we might source the power from the grid, which can be expensive depending on your energy retailers tariff plans. Solar batteries can help you use the excess power generated by your solar PV system during the night time and cloudy days, providing you with sustainable power.

Protection of your savings:

Most of the homeowners and business owners have already noticed an increase in power bills due to increase in electricity production costs. The power prices increase by a significant percentage every year and we have almost seen doubling of power bills in recent times. All of this does impact significantly on our monthly expense budget. Installing a solar battery along with a solar PV system can safeguard you from rising power costs and you might also receive some credits for selling the stored excess power.

Electricity control and monitoring:

A solar system combined with a solar battery can help you regain control over your electricity usage. Most of the solar products available in the market now are technologically advanced and help you monitor the performance of your solar system through your smart devices. This helps you track your electricity usage and assess your solar system performance with no hidden data. You can look into real time data and maintain your electricity budget.

2 Factors to Consider When Buying a Solar Storage Battery + solar PV system

Now, considering the benefits of installing a solar PV system along with solar battery sound quite convincing to you. Let’s look at the two important factors to consider while buying a solar storage battery and solar PV system:

Solar system and solar battery size 

Based on your electricity requirements and consumption patterns, your solar system and solar battery size can be calculated. There are various solar panels and solar battery options available in different sizes, however, what best suits your property can be best determined by a solar expert. We at Solar Miner believe every property is different and needs to be treated differently, speak to our solar experts, discuss your solar needs and get a customized solar quote for your property. 

Solar system and solar battery warranty

A warranty guarantees that the labour and parts for a repair are covered and thus warranties are really important. Solar inverter, solar panels, solar batteries and mounting and racking system are the important components of the solar PV system. All of them come with different warranties and the numbers in the warranty figure differ with the brands quoted. Solar Miner offers a wide range of solar products at the most affordable prices. Get in touch with us today to learn more about solar batteries and solar panel systems for your property. 

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