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How long do solar panels last?

August 04, 2022

Solar power is growing in popularity with each passing day due to rising power costs and increased environmental consciousness regarding our carbon emissions. In Australia, numerous people are choosing to get solar modules on the roof to power their houses and businesses. 

On average a normal Victoria house uses about 12 kilowatt hours of electricity every day. A 1.5 to 3 kilowatt solar PV system may produce between 45 and 90 percent of this over the course of a year, while the quantity produced by the system varies over the course of the year as the amount of daily sunshine changes.

How long will solar panels last? Is one among the many queries customers ask. And why not? Solar is an investment, they should know the lifespan of it. Especially, when considering investing in a new technology, we all want to do our own research and learn about the product’s durability and upkeep. 

So, how long do solar panels last?

The ideal longevity of a solar module is typically 25 to 30 years. So do they stop working after that? No. It simply implies that the panels are thought to be most useful over the first several decades following installation.

However, panels can continue to provide electricity effectively for many more years. Even after the first 25 to 30 years, the majority of panels can still perform up to 70% of their capacity. The most recent panels are expected to last longer than their 30 year estimated lifespan if properly maintained. 

What factors affect the lifespan of solar in Australia?

There are several factors that affect the lifespan of solar in Australia, keep reading to learn more about them:

  • Quality of solar modules 

In general, the performance of your solar panels is influenced by a variety of factors. Each panel’s brand, dependability, and effectiveness all give a good indication of how far it will endure. Cheap products may be compromised on the terms of various materials used to manufacture the panels and may be of poor quality. Thus it is recommended to install only Tier 1 CEC approved solar panels at the property to be sure of the reputation of the manufacturer for quality and performance. They also comply with Australian standards.

  • Solar Installation

A high quality solar PV system, if poorly installed will not yield any benefits. The solar panel installation has a lot to do with solar panel orientation, solar panel pitch, shading issues and the roof type. It is vital to choose an experienced solar company to install a solar PV system on your roof, to make sure your investment is fruitful. The reason being they shall be able to properly guide you throughout your solar journey, making the process simpler for you. Solar Miner is proud to be The Victoria’s most preferred solar retailer with five-star customer reviews that show why our customers choose us. We are proud of our pre-sales and post-sales procedures, and we are overjoyed to see that the dedication of our team has resulted in satisfied customers and excellent ratings. Our team of experts is available at 1300285885 to help you learn more about the solar installation at your property.

  • Solar panel maintenance

Solar panels are pretty low maintenance but with regular maintenance will survive longer. By performing routine checks on your solar modules, you can detect issues like loose racking, exposed wires, and other faults. The racking and solar inverter are also the important components of a solar PV system. It is recommended to install a CEC approved solar inverter at your property for better performance and reliability. 

How can I improve the longevity of your solar modules?

You can take steps to ensure that your solar modules work as efficiently as they can for as long as possible. Most of the causes of solar panel degradation can be minimized, however, the external factors like hailstorm damage and wind damage are outside our control. Solar panels are incredibly resilient and rarely damaged by internal pressures because they don’t have any moving parts. 

Solar PV system – An investment for future

Solar energy is a smart investment and reduces your carbon impact. Considering installing solar PV systems during the times when energy costs are skyrocketing and are expected to rise further, can prove to be financially beneficial. Solar energy is unquestionably an investment in both the future of the planet and your personal financial future. The Victoria government is offering rebates of up to $1400 plus an option of interest free loan for the homeowners looking to reduce the energy bills and contribute to the environment. Check your solar rebate eligibility with CEC approved solar retailer Solar Miner and learn more about our one stop complete solar solution. 

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