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Increase in Solar Installations for Victorian Government Schools

April 02, 2021

Going Green: Victorian Government Schools See an Increase in Solar Installations

Government schools around Victoria are already reaping the benefits of rooftop solar energy panels only a few years after Minister for Education James Merlino introduced the Greener Government School Buildings (GGSB) program.

The GGSB program was designed with the goals of improving energy efficiency in government schools, reducing electricity costs and removing greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. By focusing efforts on schools, it is hoped that students, teachers and families can learn more about the benefits of solar energy and the importance of action in the face of climate change.

Approximately 42 schools received new solar power systems during the 2018-2019 pilot program. As of 2020, the GGSB program has worked with solar installation companies to install solar panel systems in 171 government schools across the state. By June 2022, it’s estimated that the GGSB will have installed over 8 million KW, saved schools $2,000,000 per year in operating costs and decreased carbon emissions by approximately 11,500 tonnes a year.

Why Schools?

The GGSB is a strategic investment intended to increase Victoria’s green energy presence and is expected to pay for itself in energy bill savings. But why use schools?

Not only do schools make an excellent surface for solar power panels, but they also have higher energy consumption than residences and use most of their energy during daylight hours when solar energy is readily available for harvest. However, there are other, equally important reasons to involve schools in solar energy endeavours.

Lily D’Ambrosio, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, states that supplying schools with solar energy is not only financially and environmentally beneficial, but it also allows educators and community members to teach “a real life-lesson about the importance of action on climate change.” The lesson is definitely being learned!

Victoria schools of all shapes and sizes are making efforts to increase renewables into their operation and curriculum. Amazing groups such as the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and others are doing wonderful work to make renewable energy more feasible than ever.

So what can you do? If you want to follow the example of Victoria Schools, you can learn more about residential and solar commercial panels by contacting Solar Miner solar installation company today.

Next Steps to a Greener Future

While Victoria Schools stand to make a big impact by turning to renewable energy, that doesn’t mean you can’t! Whether you’re a resident, homeowner or business operating in Victoria, solar installation companies such as Solar Miner stand ready to help you do your part to convert to solar energy.

Ready to do your part to help Victoria become a climate change leader? Find more information about Solar Miner’s solar power systems by contacting our team today.


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