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Incentives in Victoria – Solar for Businesses

March 30, 2021

Simply put, solar power is energy radiated from the sun. This energy can be converted by solar panels into ready-to-use electricity to power homes, offices and other premises. Solar is a renewable source of energy. There has been increasing interest in its use for producing power in Australia, where there is a potential for generating massive amounts of energy readily available from the sun.

Benefits of using solar energy for business

Over time, solar power drives down energy costs, so it is a well-timed antidote for the ever-increasing price of grid electricity in Australia. With significant savings being made from reductions in electricity bills, businesses can expect to future-proof their bottom line from the volatility of grid electricity costs.

The use of solar power by businesses can also improve their public image. It provides measurable indices of a company’s contribution to CO2 reduction and projects the business’s image as progressive and socially responsible. According to Sustainability Victoria, over 70% of Victorians prefer to buy from businesses that demonstrate an interest in combatting climate change.

Solar for business incentives in Victoria

The state of Victoria has initiated a solar for business incentive program. It is designed to help businesses in Victoria benefit from the advantages of renewable energy. Starting in May 2021, businesses in Victoria will be able to access incentives that will cover up to 50% of the cost of installing an eligible rooftop solar system. Smaller businesses will be eligible for an incentive of up to $3,500.

The program is expected to bring down the hitherto high cost of installing a solar photovoltaic system. Incentives for about 15,000 solar units will be available over the next three years. This will reduce energy bills for businesses and stimulate economic recovery in the state.

How it will work

  • Initially, the programme will be open to businesses operating on their own premises. It will subsequently be expanded to include businesses that operate on rented premises.
  • The incentive is for solar systems of capacity size up to 30kW.
  • If you are a small business, you should have less than 20 employees, and you must be the owner of the business.
  • Your operational base must not be residential, and the premises should be individually metered.

Using an approved solar retailer

Businesses willing to take advantage of these incentives m have their panels installed by solar installation companies that meet the conditions stipulated on Solar Victoria’s website.


An approved Solar Homes retailer like Solar Miner is eminently qualified to help you secure these incentives. With over three years of experience, Solar Miner has established an enviable reputation as the go-to company for the installation of solar panels in Melbourne and other parts of Victoria. Call us today and get a free quote.

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