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What to Do if Your Solar Panels Are Damaged by Hail?

March 24, 2021

Solar power systems offer a range of benefits to Australian households and businesses. With just a few solar panels and an inverter, you can save on electricity bills, enjoy greater self-sufficiency, and help to fight climate change. From small residential systems to large commercial arrays, solar power systems are relatively affordable, easy to install, and almost completely maintenance-free.

Solar panels are typically installed on rooftops to maximise their exposure to the sun, with external frames also used in some situations. The exposed nature of photovoltaic installations can occasionally cause problems due to extreme weather events. Hail storms are the biggest culprit, especially in some tropical Australian locations.

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Thanks to advanced materials and modern construction methods, solar panel damage is a very rare event. However, when extreme weather does occur, the following steps need to be taken:

1. Inspect your solar panels

After a significant storm event, it’s important to check your solar panels for damage. Mother Nature can cause a variety of problems with rooftop equipment, with wind and hail possibly damaging solar frames, glass panels, and wiring infrastructure. If your panels are inaccessible, conduct a visual inspection from a distance or call the professionals. It’s also important to check your inverter for damage, with the display screen likely to indicate ground or earth faults.

2. Secure all equipment

If damage has occurred, it’s important to secure all equipment to prevent further problems. If you can’t access the panels safely or with confidence, you should call the experts. Hail is often accompanied by wind, which can loosen solar frames and other infrastructure. If you have the appropriate skills and tools, secure all equipment and wait for the installation team to arrive.

3. Contact a professional installer

Solar panel arrays are relatively easy to install for people with the right training and experience. However, panels are generally installed at dangerous heights and can be difficult to work on. If you’ve noticed any damage from hail or would simply like to get a proper inspection, all you have to do is contact a professional installer.

4. Consider replacement

Damage to solar panels is incredibly rare. In order to pass Australian standards, panels are tested to withstand direct impact from hail stones up to 35 mm in diameter. While glass can fracture, wiring can split, and inverters can fail, high-quality modern equipment is hard to break. If your system has been damaged in any way or you would like to upgrade your panels with something more reliable, replacement can be a great option.

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