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Plan for solar installation while building new home – choose right retailer

March 25, 2022

Building a new home can be exciting, revitalizing and challenging. Building a new property comes with lots of responsibilities. Getting the furniture, designing the home with an architect, hiring the right contractors, getting cost effective deals and list is endless. The most important part of building the new home is planning. There is a wise saying, proper planning prevents poor performance. So if you want to reduce the amount of troubles in your new home, planning is essential. While you are evaluating new property options and organizing everything that goes into doing it, it is necessary to think about saving money and minimizing future costs by installing solar

While you are in the process of getting your building plans done, it is necessary to include solar panel installation in it. This shall help your roof design to be planned in a way it can get maximum sunlight exposure and can generate high electricity. There are a few factors you need to consider in order to get your solar installation done correctly on the new home and to reap the benefits of it.

1. Property location

The location of the property plays a major role in deciding the structure and design of the property. It is necessary to analyze the shape of the land to understand the impacts of the effectiveness of solar panels. If you are in coastal regions, the panels that need to be installed have to have corrosion free ratings. The position of the land determines what time of the day the sun will hit the solar panels. When evaluating the land options, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are no shading issues from the neighboring houses or large trees. Shading tends to drastically reduce the performance of solar panels.  Also, consider installing the chimneys, satellite dish or air conditioning units in a place where they don’t obstruct the solar panel installation. 

It is generally advised and recommended to get a north facing roof done for your new property. As we all know Australia lies in the southern hemisphere and thus north is the ideal direction for solar panels installation. However, north east and north west are equally good for solar installation. Having the space over two sides of the roof for the solar is the best way to maximize the solar output throughout the day. 

2. Property phase supply

Three-phase power is often used only in bigger houses with ducted air conditioning; however, when considering a solar panel system, you may want to use three-phase power regardless of the house size. The difference between 3-phase and single-phase supply is simple: 3-phase has a bigger inverter capacity for solar export to the grid. We recommend constructing a 3-phase supply system with a larger kW capacity in your new home since it will be more cost-effective for future possibilities and will give a more steady voltage for your inverter increasing the efficiency of you inverter. There are quite a lot of solar inverter brands available in the solar market, some are top notch, some are average, and some are with low prices and some with the best efficiency. You can take the help of our expert team at  Solar Miner  who can address your queries, learn about your property specifications and install just the right kind of solar inverter and panels needed for your property. 

3. Pre-wiring for solar

You’re much more likely to have the choice to add pre-wiring for your solar power system before the walls are set if you’re building a new home. When it comes time to install the solar panels, this is far more efficient and will save you time and money. Making decisions on where your power board, inverter, and solar system will go will ensure that all of the essential wiring can be performed in the early phases, saving money, time, and future headaches.

4. Consult a professional – Solar Miner

The most cost-effective method to ensure you save money on the installation and get the benefits of a lower electricity bill from the start is to get the accurate details of your solar panel system correct during a new build. To guarantee that the construction and installation processes go as smoothly as possible, seek professional help from a Solar Miner solar expert.

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