September 29, 2018

Solar Miner Provides You Quality Installation.

SOLAR POWER SYSTEMS : There are three primary types of solar power systems for anyone getting into solar to consider. The first are grid-tied systems that contribute to, or use energy from, the utility grid. The second are off-grid systems that are designed to provide a more self-reliant option and third are standalone solar system or off grid solar systems that has no connection to the Grid, and in place of the Electricity Grid supplying your power at night and on very cloudy days you use a bank of batteries to draw power when there is little or no power being generated from your solar panels. This system is generally used by people who have been quoted a very high price to connect to the grid generally because they are in remote locations.Just how does sunshine become electricity? Here’s an overview of the solar energy facts, the process, and the equipment that can help you generate your own clean, more affordable energy.

Solar Miner stocks all the components and we assemble complete grid-tied solar packages, so that we can offer them to you at best prices.We also design and assemble 3kW, 5kW, 6kW, 10kW & up to 100kW solar system packages with best solar panels and latest technology inverters with Wi-Fi trackable options. So you can get best solar power system for what you pay.Solar power systems generate electricity silently and without any moving parts. Sunlight falls on the solar array and generates DC electricity. That DC electricity is converted into household AC electricity by the inverter. The AC electricity is fed into your electric meter and circuit breaker panel. The electricity either goes to your appliances and lights, or to the grid, or some to each. This happens silently and automatically every day.At night and during cloudy weather, the solar system’s output is reduced or stopped; however, your home then gets electricity from the utility grid. You are always connected to the grid, so you can have as much power as you need, any time you need it, regardless of whether the solar system is able to put out any power. for more information :

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