September 29, 2018

Solar Miner would like to brief you on this simple, yet a revolutionary advancement in cell manufacturing.

In its most basic sense, split cell technology is a new cell architecture that increases voltage by halving the size of the silicon chips.

Split cell panels provide the following advantages:

Cutting the standard cell in half and bus-barring it, therefore increasing efficiency, lowering voltage, and lowering operating temperature.

Increasing the module longevity through decades of thermal cycling, eliminating hot spots.

Bolsters stability on the back sheet of the panel and lowers cost.

Promotes higher absorption in the P-type layer.

Split cell panels are stronger than traditional modules. Back bar aluminium frames provide additional support in static and dynamic wind loads.

Exposure to extreme temperatures can cause hot spots, decreasing a module’s output. Thermal cycling can cause broken interconnections, broken cells and junction box failures, to name a few. Cutting the standard cell in half and bus-barring it, increases efficiency, lowers voltage, and lowers operating temperature.

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