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Rooftop solar prices set to reach new high in 2022

February 24, 2022

People around the world are switching to solar energy because the system typically ends up paying for itself. Rooftop solar has proven to reduce or in some cases eliminate electricity bills, and there are reimbursements and performance-based incentives that put money directly in your pocket. Since 2013 the prices of solar continuously fell at a high rate. However, the prices of solar started increasing from mid-2020. And they are set to reach new highs in 2022 and 2023.

Why are the prices of solar going up suddenly?

Solar power is the leading source of renewable energy in Australia and is widely accepted by Australians. Generating clean and green energy while saving money is always a better option than burning fossil fuels and paying high electricity bills. These are the reasons why the prices of solar prices have seen a new hike:

  • High manufacturing prices due to energy crisis
  • Hike in shipping prices.
  • Reducing STCs every year

The solar glass and polysilicon prices have seen a rise and are expected to increase. However, even if the prices hike, solar will still prove to be a worthwhile investment. But if you are considering installing solar, now might be a good time. The prices are going to rise further and if you lock in the deal right now, and if you are lucky you can take advantage of the stock available at 2021 prices

Should I buy Chinese solar panels? Can I trust the quality?

All of the Tier 1 solar panels and inverters are mostly manufactured in china. Solar Manufacturing companies have set up their independent manufacturing hubs in China for the same. It’s a myth that products made in China are of poor quality. Most of the high quality solar modules are manufactured in China not just for the Australian solar market but to meet the solar demands across the globe. Did you know? Inverter is the component that is more likely to malfunction over the lifespan of solar and thus the decision needs to be taken after careful research. There are many solar inverters available in the market, however, we have listed down top 10 best solar inverter brands you can install in Australia at your property based on warranties, efficiency, after sales service and inverter Wi-Fi monitoring system. There are three types of solar panels that are currently available in the Australian market: monocrystallinepolycrystalline, and thin-film. In this article we have highlighted the pros and cons of each panel type and what should you buy for your property?

Install solar at $0 upfront cost with Solar Miner

There can be various reasons for you to not switch to solar. We have answered all your queries in this article. However, the biggest concern can be the budget and not having enough money to switch to solar. Solar Miner is offering a solar power system at $0 upfront cost for a limited period with limited stock. The Victorian government is offering solar panel rebates of up to $1400 plus the option of an interest free loan. You can beat the upfront cost of installing solar panels at your home. Buy now and pay later! Install a solar system with 0% finance options and start saving immediately.

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