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Australia setting new renewable targets in 2022 – Install solar at $0 upfront cost

February 17, 2022

Our sun is the root of all life on Earth, and we are all aware that solar energy is useful to us in an endless number of ways. The sun creates two main types of energy – light and heat – that we can harness for many activities ranging from photosynthesis in plants to generating electricity with photovoltaic (PV) cells to heating water and food. Solar electricity is becoming increasingly accessible and favourable to Australians. Australia with a population of 25 million has set a new milestone of reaching 25GW of installed solar which equals nearly 1kW of PV installed per person. However, there are still many roofs that are not making the owner’s money. And they in return tend to rely on a grid which uses fossil fuels to generate electricity. When fossil fuels are burned they release harmful gases like carbon dioxide leading to global warming. Australia has experienced some of the major climate change consequences like bush fires, floods, extreme weather conditions and the list is endless.

Switching to solar is not just going to help the environment but it can save you thousands of dollars. Solar Miner aims to help every Australian to be able to switch to solar. The Australian federal and state government is offering financial incentives for switching to solar. 

What can Solar Miner do for you?

There can be various reasons for you to not switch to solar. We have answered all your queries in this article. However, the biggest concern can be the budget and not having enough money to switch to solar. Solar Miner is offering a solar power system at $0 upfront cost for a limited period with limited stock. As the energy crisis emerges the prices of solar are set to reach new heights. 

The STCs (small scale technology certificates) have decreased by 10% this year making the solar prices rise. However, we believe every Australian homeowner should be able to generate their own electricity and thus we are offering $0 upfront cost solar for a limited period. So what’s the catch here?

The Victorian government is offering solar panel rebates of up to $1400 plus the option of an interest free loan. You can beat the upfront cost of installing solar panels at your home. Buy now and pay later! Install a solar system with 0% finance options and start saving immediately. Pay for your solar with the monthly savings on your electricity bills. However, there are few requirements to be fulfilled to install solar power systems with $0 upfront cost and claim the rebates. Speak to one of our solar consultants to check if you qualify for the same within 60 seconds.

Commercial solar panels in Australia

When it comes to running a business in Australia in a profitable manner, reducing the overheads is one of the major concerns for any business. Commercial Solar System is the solution to your huge power bills that happens to be a major concern of your overheads in Australia. Choose to think beyond spending on power bills for your business needs and make an investment in a Commercial Solar System now. Commercial Solar power System by Solar Miner would help any business to reduce the power bills along with self-sufficiency with top rated Tier-1 panels and high efficiency inverter. Commercial solar systems are also eligible for rebates, however, there are various criteria for the same. Speak to one of our solar consultants to see if you qualify for the rebates.

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