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5 interesting solar questions 2022

February 11, 2022

In recent years, solar power has seen an immense growth in Australia as it is one of the most worthwhile investments. Solar power continues to expand further with new advancements in solar technology and its development spreading across the world. However, there are a few interesting questions we come across while providing solar quotes to our customers. If you have been researching solar panels for quite some time now, you may have these questions and we are here to answer them.

1. How to utilise renewable or clean energy and still be on grid?

Australia is blessed with renewable energy sources and we are making the right use of it. Using solar energy to power the house can be an amazing way to go green and save money by generating your own electricity. On grid solar power systems are the ones that are connected to the electricity grid and the off grid solar power systems are the ones that run independently on the property. It is recommended to install an on grid solar power system as they are cheaper, more reliable and highly efficient. To learn the difference between on grid and off grid solar power systems in detail read our blog on grid solar vs. off grid solar. What increases your property value?. To cut it short, we can utilize solar energy and still be on grid and gain financial benefits of feeding extra power generated back to the grid. 

2. Which solar inverter is the best?

A solar inverter converts DC (Direct Current) electricity into AC (Alternate Current) which can be used in the home to power the electrical appliances. Did you know? Inverter is the component that is more likely to malfunction over the lifespan of solar and thus the decision needs to be taken after careful research. There are many solar inverters available in the market, however, we have listed down top 10 best solar inverter brands you can install in Australia at your property based on warranties, efficiency, after sales service and inverter Wi-Fi monitoring system. However, make sure the solar inverter you install at your property is CEC (Clean Energy council) approved. 

3. Can I directly attach electrical appliances to solar panels?

The basic working of solar panels is simple. The panels absorb the sunlight and convert the sunlight into Direct Current (DC). Direct Current cannot be directly used in the house and thus we need a solar inverter to convert DC to AC (Alternate current). So, the answer is no, you cannot directly attach electrical appliances to solar panels.

4. Confused between two solar inverter or panel brands? 

With a wide range of solar products available in the market it is difficult to decide which panels or inverter to install at the property to receive the maximum benefits. Most of the individuals are mostly confused between 2 relatively similar kinds of products to choose from. For example Goodwe and SMA inverter. Both are equally good and suited for the Australian climate. However, Goodwe is much better with the customer support. If you are confused about two brands just check the online reviews of the companies and take the decision based on your needs. Solar Miner is skilled at understanding the customer needs and providing customized solar solutions suited for your requirements.

5. Are solar panels already cost effective?

Now is certainly the right time to invest in the solar power system rather than delaying it for later. Installing solar panels now sometime later can turn out to be a bit more costly than now. The rebates have been reduced from January. Home solar power system 2022 in Melbourne is still cost effective because the Victorian government is offering rebates up to $1400 plus interest free loan for the same amount. Speak to one of our solar experts and learn about the best solar products for your property at the most competitive prices and also check if you are eligible for Victorian solar rebate. 

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