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Top 5 solar mistakes Aussie’s make while switching to solar

February 04, 2022

Solar Power Systems are becoming a favorable source of generating electricity around the world. According to the Clean Energy Regulator one in five Australians households have rooftop solar and Australia is among the top leaders in the world in solar energy. However, there are still many roofs that haven’t installed solar yet but are considering to begin with that journey. Every individual’s reasons to install solar may differ. You might want to install panels to reduce your electricity bills or generate green energy. There are a few mistakes solar owners make before switching to solar. We have highlighted them for you to make your solar installation worth it and hassle free.

1. Winter and summer – confusing sun hours

As we know summers can be really hot in Australia and the sunlight hours can be long enough. This convinces us to install our solar panels in summer to generate maximum output out of it. However, there are times in the winter as well where the sun shines early and sets a bit later. Installing solar panels at any time of the year is worth it. Definitely in summers you can generate a little more power than any other season. It is always beneficial to install solar, let’s say you booked your solar power system just before the summers are approaching, as the summers arrive, you start saving on your bills and generating more power. Do not wait for the right time to install solar, the more you are waiting the more you are losing money on paying electricity bills. Solar Miner is offering quality solar systems with easy payment plans and $0 upfront cost. Book and install your system now and pay later.

2. Not reducing energy consumption

Even if you don’t switch to solar it is necessary to save energy. It is very much important to keep a track of your energy consumption and try to cut it wherever possible. Switching to solar doesn’t mean you can increase your unnecessary consumption. Reducing your energy usage can save you money with or without solar. Ask our experts how you can save more on your energy bills? Get a complete guide on your energy consumption and solar needs now. 

3. Not inspecting solar installation

As difficult it is to make a decision of buying the right kind of solar panels for your property, it is equally difficult to get it installed correctly. It is vital to install solar panels correctly and thus do not make the mistake of not inspecting while the installation is going on. Make sure your solar panels are installed in a proper direction to receive maximum benefits of the panels throughout the day. Solar Miner can help you design the aerial view and placements of panels on your roof with the latest software available and also help you determine your approximate yearly solar production. 

4. Trusting non licensed company and cheap products

After shopping around for solar and getting multiple quotes, we automatically tend to choose the cheapest quote. However, it can lead to more costs in the long run. Remember cheap products are never branded and upgraded while upgraded and branded products are never cheap. Also, always select a CEC approved solar retailer to install solar systems at your property as it can provide you mental peace. Solar Miner offers proven quality products that are reliable and efficient backed by exceptional customer support.

5. Not knowing what you are doing

It is necessary to know what you are looking for. You need to research the company’s online performance, products and solar market before switching to solar. Also, you need to think if you are planning to increase your electricity consumption in future by adding any electrical appliances. It is generally advised to install a slightly higher solar system than required. This can meet your electricity needs with the changing weather conditions and utility prices. Most importantly, always install CEC approved Tier 1 solar modules and inverters. Speak to one of our consultants now to book your high quality solar power system.

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