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Solar Calculators – Everything you need to know!

September 01, 2021

People around the world are switching to solar energy because the system typically ends up paying for itself. Rooftop solar has proven to reduce or in some cases eliminate electricity bills, and there are reimbursements and performance-based incentives that put money directly in your pocket. With so many financial incentives supporting the transition to clean energy, there are also stories of crap solar causing it difficult to make decisions, thus, it’s crucial for you to choose the right company to partner with to secure your investment.

Now, if you are looking for solar you might come across solar calculators online for the same. Let us explain how they actually work?

There are several sites available for calculating the solar price, payback period and energy generation of the system. There are several details you need to fill on the site after receiving a quote from an expert to see if your system is worth the price offered to you? The site usually asks you to fill the details like your property postcode, the size of the system, the directions of the panels, the angle of the panels, if you are going for battery or not, the cost of your electricity usage including GST, the approximate value you spend on electricity every year and lastly your feed in tariff per kwh provided by your energy provider. Noting down these details and putting them online on a solar calculator will generate the report for you. The report will be generated in the form of a pdf document. Now what is it that the report will include that is beneficial for you? The report shall include your first year’s savings, your payback time that is usually between 5-6 years for a 13kw system, your expected bill for different seasons like summer, winter, autumn and spring. The amount of money you would be saving in the coming 10 years, and lastly your daily and annual generation of the system.

At Solar Miner we believe your savings are our biggest earning. Before you get the ball rolling, ask us for the detailed report of your investment analysis. Here are some pictures that represent the solar investment analysis for a 13kw system. 

The process of assessing and calculating your solar system’s performance may sound technical and difficult at the moment with different prices and products in the market. Our professionals are experts at generating your investment and savings analysis for you. Speak to us NOW, and get the detailed analysis. 

Every cloud has a silver lining

Well, solar calculators can help you calculate your savings, generations and performance but what it cannot do is identify the type of panels and inverters you should be buying. You need to do your research on what panels and inverters are best for your property because a cheap system can give you faster returns and lower payback periods but they might stop working after a certain period of time, leading to bigger investment later. So firstly, choose a good system with good warranties and then calculate, evaluate and assess your systems on solar calculators. Solar Miner aims at providing quality products at the most affordable prices. Speak to us today to get the ball rolling. 

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