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Solis Inverter Review 2022 – A Smart Guide on Installing Solis Inverters

September 28, 2022

Solis is a world class, established inverter available almost across the globe manufactured by The Ningbo Ginlong Technologies Co Ltd., which was established in 2005. Solis has offices and specialized after-sales support centres spread out all over the world. Solis has become more successful in Australia over the past 20 years by taking on The Big Boys of solar inverter brands like Fronius, Sungrow, or Huawei. Since their inverters have CEC approval, Solis Inverter has been able to more easily accomplish their purpose of creating solutions to energize the planet with renewable power.

However, we tend to take more care while purchasing a solar inverter as it is one of the most important components of a solar power system. The solar panels generate the electricity in the form of Direct Current (DC). Most of the appliances in your home use AC (Alternate Current) electricity. The solar inverter converts DC to AC, they are literally the heart of a solar PV system. Thus, it becomes vital to decide on a good inverter brand. Solis is one of the widely accepted solar inverters in Australia and before hooking it at your property, you would surely like to learn more about it. 

Does Soils hold a good reputation or is it a good brand to use?

The typical range for residential inverter efficiency is 95 to 98 percent. These requirements are met by Solis inverters, all of which have a maximum efficiency of at least 97 percent. And because the inverters are high performing, they are among top inverter brands in Australia. Solis inverters are made to suit the Australian climate, they offer a smart Wi-Fi monitoring app to track the performance of the solar system through smart devices, they are super easy to install and the cherry on the top is as said they are CEC approved solar inverters. 

Series of Solis inverters available in Australia

Solis offers a range of options for the Australian market, particularly, single phase inverter, three phase inverter and hybrid inverter.

The single phase inverter series:

  • Solis Single Phase S5 Mini Series
  • Solis Single Phase S5 Series
  • Solis Single Phase Mini’s 4G
  • Solis Single Phase
  • Solis Single Phase 5G

The three phase inverter series:

  • Solis Three Phase S5 Series
  • Solis Three Phase 5K to 20K
  • Solis Three Phase 25K to 50K
  • Solis Three Phase 80K to 125K
  • Solis Three Phase 208K to 255K

The hybrid inverter series:

  • Hybrid Storage Inverters 5K to 10K
  • Hybrid Storage Inverters 3K to 6K
  • 5G Retrofit Storage Inverter

Top 3 common Solis inverters in Australia are: 

  • Solis-1P(3-6)K-4G Single Phase Series 3-6kW
  • Solis-1P(7-8)K-5G Single Phase Series 7-8kW
  • Solis-3P(5-20)K-4G Three Phase Series 5-20kW

What is the cost of Solis inverters in Australia?

Solis inverters are produced in China, where they have scaled up production to a point where they can charge competitive pricing. Considering the 3 phase and the size up to 5kW-15kW, the price ranges from $900 to $2000. The prices are subject to change based on the property specifications and variations in the prices in the market. Overall, the prices of Solis inverters are cost effective and the performance is good. 

What about warranties on the Solis inverters?

Most of the CEC approved solar inverters in Australia come with a standard warranty of 5 years. Apart from that, most inverter manufacturers offer 5-10 years of warranty. Solis does offer additional 5 years of warranty through an online purchase. However, it is advised to get in touch with your original solar retailer in order to claim the warranty in situations of inverter failure. The warranty claims and issues with this brand are comparatively less and it does work efficiently throughout the warranty period or more. If you already own a solar system and your solar retailer was a small one and is nowhere to be found, you may get in touch with us to get your inverter replaced. We at Solar Miner would love to extend our support and do the very best we can to assist you. 

To wrap things up…..

To conclude, Solis has won confidence from customers with their exceptional offerings. They actually led individuals to believe that affordable pricing products can also be good. We have heard from our customers that Solis satisfies the criteria for a quality inverter that is ideal for your home. So, you should absolutely give Solis a try if you’re on a tight budget but yet want a high performing inverter. Solar Miner offers the latest technology solar panels with 415W solar panels with smart Wi-Fi inverter. Get in touch with our team today and get the customized solar solution for your property with free roof layout.

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