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4 Mistakes Homeowners In Victoria Can Avoid While Buying Solar

September 22, 2022

Solar energy is a great method to cut your power bills and save bucks. If placed properly, the majority of systems may provide you with over 25 years of free, clean energy from the Australian sun. A large-scale long-term investment requires you to carefully consider all of the potential consequences before making a choice. Although residential solar for homes seems quite straightforward, at times it may get complex and needs thoughtful decision-making.

In the post that follows, we have made an attempt to outline 4 major mistakes that we make while switching to solar along with the means to avoid them.

1. Not researching the basics of solar – Get Curious, Ask questions, do the research.

Whether you are a beginner or are considering upgrading your solar panels system, a little research will help you a long way. It might feel like a task at first and you might not have enough time to learn about solar energy. However, once you get the basics right it shall become a lot easier. 5 reasons why you should learn a bit about solar PV system before investing in them: 

  • The most obvious benefit of research is that it will increase your knowledge and knowledge is power.
  • You shall stay up to date about the latest technologies, helping you install the latest products.
  • You will feel a lot more secure while requesting a solar quote, if you know you’ve gathered reliable facts.
  • You can ask questions if you know what you are looking for. Asking relevant questions helps you make a better solar decision. 
  • Furthermore you can be instrumental in getting a friend or a family member of your’s to switch to solar effectively. 

So, where do you begin? What are the topics you should learn about?

Most people are aware that understanding the fundamentals of solar is essential. They don’t share their knowledge because they believe others might already know it. Since it isn’t discussed as frequently, it could seem irrelevant. Consider learning about these 5 topics for gaining some information about solar:

2. Buy Cheap, Pay Twice – Avoid the long run costs.

Adopting less expensive, untested solar cells, inverters and batteries results in some cost savings but increases the long-term expenses of maintaining a solar PV system. Various solar panels, solar inverter and solar battery brands are available in the market, however, we might face several challenges while deciding on the ones that suit our budget and property requirements. Some of the best solar products available in the market have been tested with various circumstances. Consider evaluating your solar brands with these 4 questions:

  • Are the quoted solar products approved by the Clean Energy Council?
  • What are the warranties on the solar products offered?
  • Does the quote include the latest technology solar modules and inverter?
  • What is the workmanship warranty?

3. Not tracking your solar system performance – Monitor the performance.

Keeping a track of your solar system’s performance gives a clear overview of what has to be done. It gives you a kind of feedback, enabling you to improve the performance if needed. You can easily check the amount of power your solar system generates each day by connecting it to your smart devices like mobile phones. Here are top 5 solar inverter brands that deliver exceptional performance and offer a smart Wi-Fi system to help you connect it to your smart devices:

  • Growatt
  • Fronius
  • SMA
  • Solis
  • Goodwe

4. Not considering your roof aspects – Get a quote from a CEC approved solar retailer only.

The roof of your property can be one of the important aspects to consider for solar panel installation. Overall, facing solar modules to the north direction is the best option. In almost all situations, positioning your solar panels north will result in the greatest electric bill savings and the shortest payback period for homeowners. However, it is advised to install the panels on two sides of the roof, to take advantage of the solar production for the entire day. North- west and North-east are equally good directions for solar power installation. Regarding the direction of install, south facing solar panels will produce minimum power. Also it may so happen that, steeper the roof the more output drop you can face. Do not worry, it is all easy with a little help. An expert can help you analyse your roof aspects and provide you with a free tentative roof layout and an obligation free quote for your property. 


To wrap things up, select a solar retailer that provides you with the highest calibre work at a cost you can bear. Check if the quotes cover the entire installation, including the price of the panels, batteries and any other costs you might anticipate. Get the spec sheets of the products and check the warranties included. Look up for the online Google and Product reviews of the company to get an idea of the overall experience of the individuals dealing with them. Solar Miner can guide you through the solar solution for your property while ensuring quality. It’s an obligation free and easy with us. Check out what is it like to be a solar miner customer? 

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