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Trina Solar Panels Review 2022 – Should I buy?

October 11, 2022

Trina Solar, established in 1997 by Jifan Gao, is among the first solar panel manufacturers in China. Over the years, Trina Solar has developed into a global innovator and manufacturer of solar technology. It has factories in Thailand and Vietnam in contrast to their industrial base in China. As of June 2020, Trina Solar had produced and delivered over 50 GW of photovoltaic solar panels globally.

When compared to other brands in the market, Trina solar panels offer high efficiency, reliable warranties and good value for money products. If you are looking for a short answer on if Trina panels are worth it to install in Australia? The answer is yes! If you are considering installing Trina panels on your roof, it is surely going to bring in better outputs. 

Are Trina panels Tier 1 rated solar modules?

If a solar module is listed under Tier 1 list it means the solar panels of that brand are manufactured with high quality standards and the company is renowned for reliability and support towards its product. Only the top 2-7% of solar manufacturers can make it up to Tier 1 solar panel list. Bloomberg’s Tier 1 ranking is also based on the bankability, credibility and the amount invested in research and development by a particular company. 

Trina solar panels make it to the Tier 1 solar panels module list, which means the company is surely going there in the market to honor the warranties. Now, that brings us to warranties and the solar panel series the company offers.

Trina Panels series available in Australia

There are four main categories of photovoltaic arrays, technologically. There are solar panels that are monocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and PERC. All of these solar panel variations are produced by Trina Solar. Additionally, it constantly upgrades the technology in its solar cells. The below are a few of Trina’s most well-known solar panels series:


For big industries, the Vertex 670W+, 600W+, and 550W+ solar modules are suitable. They can be used, for instance, in huge Australian farms. The Vertex 670W+ solar panel is the most recent. It is incredibly efficient with a 21.6% efficiency rate.

Since Vertex solar cells make use of multi-busbar technology, they are perfect for bigger industries. They can generate a large amount of power thanks to technology. Additionally, they have a silicon wafer that is 210mm in size.

Both residential and commercial rooftops can use the Vertex 410W+ and 510W+ solar panels. These are smaller variations of photovoltaic arrays that were developed after the bigger ones. Their efficiency is outstanding, coming in at around 21.1%. Due to their ability to absorb radiation from both sides, Vertex solar panels are bi-facial. They succeed so well in Australia because of that. For the ease and peace of mind we have listed down the summary of the spec sheet of each Trina solar module variant.

Vertex 670W Module

Vertex 600W+ Module

Vertex 550W+ Module

Vertex 500W+ Module

Vertex S 430W+

Vertex S 425W+

Vertex S 400W+

Honey Series

One of the best solar cells on the market is the Honey solar panel, which means “sweet.” Undoubtedly, its delicacy is felt by many because it dramatically reduces power bills. These solar panels come with a 25-year warranty from Trina Solar. These solar panels have excellent levels of efficiency. Honey solar panels are perfect for home and commercial use. 

The latest Trina Honey M line, including Honey M black, is now offered in various sizes from 360W to 380W. Rather than the usual silver backsheets, they come in white and black. This solar panel’s 20.7% efficiency is excellent.

The most frequently used solar panel in Australia is from the Honey series. The Australian environment is wonderfully suited to its design. According to tests by PV Evolution Labs, the Honey series solar panel is the finest.

What are the warranties offered on Trina panels?

Trina solar panels offer various warranties on different series. Some modules from the vertex series have 25 years of performance warranty and 25 years of product workmanship warranty. Whereas, the honey series offers 15 years of product warranty and 25 years of performance warranty. Each solar module is different in terms of its manufacturing and solar cell technology. Thus the warranties offered are not the same. If you’d like to talk more about the warranties of a specific solar module, may it be Trina or any other brand, our experts are just a call away to discuss your requirements and guide you through your solar process making it hassle free. 

Should I buy Trina panels?

This is the very first question that brought you here we believe. You are looking to understand if these panels are right for you or should you buy them for your property? Relying on their quality features, lengthy corporate history, and prudent financial standing, Trina Solar is a great option for residential solar panels. High-quality modules and a fantastic warranty are provided by Trina Solar. All the types and series offered by Trina solar are an excellent choice to make for your property. 

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