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Do solar panels work in winter?

July 20, 2020

This is one of the most frequently asked questions for those interested in commercial or residential solar systems. After all, what’s the point in investing in a solar system if you can’t use it for the entirety of the year? 

We’re here to set your mind at ease with a straightforward answer and some additional details that will help you if you choose to have a solar system in your own home one day!

Comparing Summer and Winter Output

To first answer the basic question at hand, yes, solar panels definitely work in winter. While the shorter days of winter will reduce output in comparison to summer’s longer days, the difference is largely made up for by winter’s lower temperatures. Though most believe that cold weather will reduce the effectivity of solar panels, the opposite is true!

They’re Sometimes MORE Efficient

Despite some understandable misconceptions out there, studies show that cold temperature can actually increase the output of solar panels. Have you ever found yourself wearing sunglasses more in winter than in summer? The sun reflecting off the snow can be incredibly bright, which then improves your panels’ PV (or photovoltaics, the conversion of light to electricity). In fact, there’s really only one way that winter can have a serious detriment to the output of your solar panels…

Clearing Snow from Your Panels

As you can imagine, having snow packed onto your solar panels will obstruct them from the sun, drastically reducing or eliminating their output. You can prevent snow from entirely covering your panels by clearing the surrounding area with a rake or broom, creating a space where the snow can slide off.

Other than this method, you may want to avoid clearing the snow directly from the panels as you could injure yourself or damage your panels in the process. After all, research shows that a small amount of snow can actually clean a panel as it melts away.

If you have any concerns about snow on your panels, you should contact the company that installed them for the safest and most practical advice.

Contact Solar Miner for Residential Solar Panels in Melbourne

If you’re interested in reliable and high-quality residential solar systems, Solar Miner can provide you with the professional installation you’re looking for no matter the season. Our eight of experience in the industry and shared passion for green energy has cemented us as one of Australia’s most reputable solar panel installation companies. 

Have any questions before scheduling an installation? We’d be happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our website at or by phone on 1300 285 885.

We hope to hear from you soon! 

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